Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Silly Layton!

If you follow this blog, you probably already know that Layton likes to dress himself, especially in costumes. He really hasn't worn a lot of full body costumes here lately, but has instead began complimenting his outfits with accessories. Take a look at the picture below. He has a winter headband/wrap on that is suppose to keep your ears warm and one of Clint's wild rags. Look closely, though, he is using the headband as a storage facility for a balloon, the balloon pump, a lego and who knows what else. He went out in public like this! Some of you may think that's awful that I allow him to do that, but to me it is an expression of his cute personality. He's only little once!

He wanted a mean look in the picture. I think he was probably some type of superhero.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Pluto the Baby Calf

Clint took this video with my phone this afternoon. We have a bottle calf that is so sweet & is beginning to be a lot of fun to play with. The boys named her Pluto, because she was with our goats, Mickey & Minnie, for about two weeks in their pen. I thought Daisy would have been a better name, but they insisted on Pluto.

Snow Days

We have had a lot of snow for our part of Texas in the last two weeks.  Our school system has only taken one bad weather day, though.  We have had several days of starting late, but only one day of missing school completely.  I am not a cold weather person, therefore, I only went outside to feed and tend to things that had to be done.  The boys didn't go out much either, because of the strong winds, but I did get these pics of them eating an icicle they found outside.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baylor County Junior Livestock Show 2011

Kade was able to participate in the BCJLS this year, since he is in 3rd grade.  He showed rabbits and goats.  It was a very busy weekend, but well worth it.  I could have not asked for a better job from Kade (or his animals)!

This is how we would transport the goats to the mailbox and back each day in order to exercise them.  Once we arrived at the mailbox we would let them out and they would run the .7 mile back to their pen.  The male goat would actually try to jump back in the golf cart, though--he wasn't stupid--he would rather ride than run.

Thursday, January 27, was spent getting all the animals ready and moved to the stock show building.  We were at the show barn from 4:30-11:30 P.M.  We were exhausted to say the least, but had Clint a little birthday party when we got home that evening.  He claims it was the best birthday a 25 yr. old could have asked for!  HA!  HA!

My friend, Tina, let us use her grooming room to wash and dry the goats.  It was nice and warm in there, plus she had warm water!

Notice the blood running down the side of Clint's head.  He and the goat accidentally butted heads!

Layton had so much fun playing.

Rabbits and goats were shown on Friday, January 28.  Kade originally had 4 rabbits, which would have been shown as a fryer and a meat pen, but the single fryer ended up getting sick the day before the show.  He showed his meat pen (3 rabbits), though, and placed 2nd in his class.  He qualified for the premium sale with second place.  The goats were shown Friday afternoon.  Kade showed in class 2 and class 4.  He received 2nd place with his doe, Millie, and 4th place with his wether, Mickey.  He qualified for the premium sale with Minnie.  The part I'm most proud of, though, is that Kade received 3rd place in junior goat showmanship (there were several 3rd-8th grade kids in this competition).  We worked so hard and luckily it all paid off.

The premium sale was on Saturday, January 29.  I expect to get a letter in the mail any day from the livestock association saying I broke all kinds of rules.....I dressed Kade's animals up, which is not done in our county.  We got a lot of laughs and comments, though.  Who knows?  Maybe it made our animals bring a little more moo-lah too!  I did talk three other parents into doing it with me.  So, I guess if I go down, I can take them with me (I really wouldn't do that).  Kade's goat was bought by Loving Insurance Agency and his rabbits were purchased by my grandfather, Don Buckalew.  I know Kade had several people add onto his animals, as well.  We have not received a list, but thanks to all who did.  You will receive a thank you, as soon as Kade is notified.

Kade also submitted a picture for the photography contest.  He received 2nd place in the scenery category.  The picture is of a turkey in the middle of our road.  You can see all the colors in the turkey's feathers.

We also could have not made it through the weekend without Mama Chris.  She came down on Thursday to help with Layton.  She ended up keeping my house picked up, providing meals for us, taking pictures, and was a huge supporter of everyone.  Babers, Pa-Paw (my dad), Skye, Uncle Mike, Aunt Lori, Sailor and Uncle Scott, also all stopped by to cheer on Kade.  Thank y'all.  Next year I will be sure to spread the word so that all of you can come on down--I was so nervous this year, I couldn't think straight.  I actually went into Thursday saying we would never do this again...it was so much work...no one wanted to do anything except for me....but listen to me now, next year this, next year that.