Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Church Christmas Program

Our church held it's annual Christmas program on Sunday, December 11.  They have done the same program for over 30 years now!  It is so simple, yet absolutely breath taking for so many reasons.

Kade was a shepherd.  Layton was an angel.

Layton is the angel closest to you.

I pointed out a church sign today to the boys and asked if they understood the meaning.  It said something like, "Mary wrapped the first Christmas present."  They, of course, understood and loved the saying as much as I did.

Merry Christmas

Medals Galore!

Kade's elementary participated in a district UIL (University Interscholastic League) competition on December 7.  They competed against five other schools and ended up second place overall, which is definitely something to brag about in my opinion.

Kade competed in music memory, ready writing, spelling and oral reading.  He did not place in ready writing.  He also did not place individually in music memory, but as a team Seymour won 2nd place.  Spelling, in my opinion, is not one of his stronger attributes, but we worked hard at it.  He actually was alternate, but ended up on the team when a little boy got sick the night before competition.  The team placed first!  Oral reading is his favorite event and he won first place in it.  So, in all Kade received 3 medals!

If you are not familiar with UIL most of the events allow each school to enter 3 students, so Kade was competing against 17 others in ready writing, spelling and oral reading.  Music memory allows 5 or 6 students per school.

The day before UIL competition Kade's oral reading coach/teacher had them perform at a Chamber of Commerce meeting.  The parents were allowed to attend too!

Here Kade is on the day of competition.  All smiles and ready to go!

Daddy and I are very proud of you, Kade.  

Quick Trip to Vegas

My sisters were in Las Vegas working a booth during the National Finals Rodeo and were kind enough to invite Clint and I out to stay with them.  We took off on a Wednesday night, stayed in Vegas Thursday, Friday, and flew home Saturday night.  It was nice to get away and spend time together.  It was cold and rainy in Vegas, though, and I ended up getting a bad cold Friday.  So, even though we were ready to get away, we were just as ready to get home!

The boys stayed with my mom at our house and didn't miss us one bit!  I think she was wore completely out when we returned.  Thanks for helping out though, Mom.

Here are a few pics from our adventure!

 The Christmas decorations in Las Vegas were over the top beautiful!  This is a clear glass ornament tree in front of The Venetian.  It was beautiful at night!

 I think this was inside The Venetian or Caesar's Palace.

Jelly Belly Statue of Liberty at New York, New York

M&M Store

Sunday, Papa Smurf and Skye

The Mirage water show

I think these last two were in The Miracle Mile shops (Planet Hollywood)

This is a chocolate and fondant Grinch.  He was about 6 ft. tall!

Love at First Sight!

One of our Thanksgivings was at Clint's mom's house in Dumas.  Her sister, Aunt Jean, was visiting as well.  She brought her little dog and the boys loved him to pieces the two days we were together.  He was pretty cute!  They begged me to take their picture with him.  Glad I did, because those were the only pictures I got the entire time we were there!

4th Grade 2nd Six Weeks Academic Pep Rally

School is rolling right along.  Kade will be an elementary student no more, before I know it.  At the end of each six weeks Kade's elementary school has an academic pep rally.

The Student Leadership Team helps the principal conduct the pep rally, so here is Kade sitting and waiting on things to start up.

Kade received awards for being on the A-Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance for the Six Weeks, and Student of the Six Weeks for 4th Grade.

Here is Kade's picture in the newspaper for being chosen as Student of the Six Weeks.  You can click on the picture and it will open up larger, so that you can read the print. 

4th Grade Indian Project

In 4th grade you study Texas in social studies.  During the month of November Kade studied about Indians that lived in Texas.  Their teacher required that they group up and create a board that showed their designated tribe's life (food, water, housing, etc.).  Kade's group was assigned the Karankawa Indians, which lived around Galveston Island.  We had fun working on the project and were pleased with how it turned out.  Kade was lucky to have some talented kids and moms in his group.  The ocean is made out of spray foam, the sand is brown sugar, the house is pine needles...I could go on, it was a creative bunch!

Student Leadership Team Induction Ceremony

Kade is a member of the Student Leadership Team at his elementary school.  He ran for the office of president in October and was voted in.  Their principal had them participate in an induction ceremony in November.  The students had to read their roles as an officer and pledge to do their very best.  It was a neat experience for both Kade and me!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day 2011

As Student Leadership Team president, Kade was asked to give two speeches today, Veteran's Day.  One speech was to the elementary school at a program they had and one was for our city celebration on the courthouse lawn.

I was unable to attend the elementary celebration, but the school sent me these pictures.  His speech at the elementary was similar to his city one, but had some fun stuff in it about 11/11/11/11 (November 11, 2011, at 11:00 a.m.) and trying to say things really fast!  Everyone assured me he did a wonderful job!

The rest of the SLT demonstrating how to say "Thanks from the bottom of my heart."

I was able to be at the city celebration, because the high school student body actually attended.  I don't brag on my children very  much (I have this thing about bragging), but today I was one proud Mama!  Kade did such a great job!  Unlike me, who didn't get the movie camera turned on fast enough. 

Here is Kade reading the speech--just audio.

Thanks to all the veterans and service men and women!  God bless you!

Soccer 2011

Kade and Layton both played soccer again this year.  I didn't get a lot of pictures.  They only had 4 games to my defense, though!

Kade was on the Raiders and Layton's team was called Kickin' Aces.  Layton's team t-shirts were pink, which didn't set well with him the first time I showed it to him.  I thought he was going to flat out refuse to wear it, but I eventually got him in it.

Both boys did a great job and scored at least 1 goal out of the four games!

Kade was chosen to be a team captain.  #10

Layton as goalie!

Layton is the one in the lead after the ball!