Saturday, July 24, 2010

Old Settlers Stampede 2010

This has been the summer of races! My sister, Sommer, and I helped a local insurance agency put together the Old Settlers Stampede, a 5K and a one-mile fun. We plan to make the race an annual event, so we tried to do it up right! Each year the proceeds will benefit a different organization/event/etc. in Seymour. This year the City Auditorium received the proceeds. The race was held Saturday, July 10, which was rodeo weekend. Our plan is to have it at this time each year. We worked on it for several months and ended up with a great turnout for our first year--96 people registered. We only raised about $1,000 because of all the start-up costs. However, an older citizen, originally from Seymour, read an article we had about the race in our local paper and sent a check for $10,000! We were so excited!

Check out the website at and be sure and put next year's race on your calendar, July 9, 2011! We promise great prizes. Some runners received $100 cash!

In order to promote the event we made three different appearances on the local news shows. Kade and Layton got to go on television with me the last time. This recording is not very good, b/c of the way I had to record it (standing in front of the tv).   Notice that I put my hand over Layton's mouth towards the end after the news anchor asks him about Spiderman. He was about to educate her on her superheroes (Batman flies, not Spiderman)!  The video is too large for me to upload via my blog, so I uploaded it to You Tube.  You can see it here,

Kade (middle child) participated in the one-mile fun run and ran the entire thing! He loves to run, which I am super excited about. He is always asking me to drop him off on our dirt road and let him run to the house (about 1/2 mile).

Layton ran the entire one-mile fun run, too! I did not have my video ready as he crossed the finish line, but he gathered a crowd. He was sprinting the entire last 100 yards--it was hilarious!

Babe (my mom), Sunday, Sommer and Skye

Sunday, M, M & T
These are my running buddies!
My friend in the black top tied for 2nd place with me in our age group. We run together almost everyday, so it was only natural that we finish in the exact same time! The other two gals got 1st place in their age groups.

I was so proud of Clint. He ran the 5K and received 2nd place in his age group. Right before they called out his name he was mouthing that they should have an award for the lazy, out-of-shape people! Then they called his name as a winner!

My mom, Ace, and the boys worked the one-mile water stop for the 5K run. Mom said that it just blew Layton's mind that the runners would throw down their cups when they were done. He thought they should stop and put them in the trash can. He also got a little perturbed if you didn't stop and get a drink!

We are already looking forward to next year's race!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wild Pig Pedal 2010

On June 26th my family volunteered for the Wild Pig Pedal 2010 bike ride that took place in and around Seymour.  My sister, Sommer, is actually into biking and rode the 22 mile route.  This was her first ride and she came in 1st place for that route!  You could also ride a 45 mile or a 62 mile route.  I volunteered to drive a SAG wagon, so I followed bikers, helped them out and answered questions from those out of town.  My mom and dad, along with Skye, Tyler, Kade and Layton worked a water stop along the 45 and 62 mile route.  The water stops were suppose to have a theme and be decorated.  Mom was set up beside a cemetery, so she called her stop The Dead Man's Pit Stop!  We made her two signs and Kade and Layton dressed up in scary costumes.  They even made the local newspaper!  We all had a great time and it was fun visiting with the 75+ bikers!

The Dead Man's Pit Stop

Layton & Kade with the sign Kade made.  It says The Skeleton Will Stop.

You can see Layton & Kade hiding behind the porta-a-potty waiting to jump out and scare the bikers.



Bikers enjoying a refreshment and snack.  Notice Layton is underneath the tent--he has already changed into his Spiderman costume.

Kade helping a biker hold up his bike.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Blue Hole in Wimberley, TX

On Tuesday of our trip we floated the Guadalupe River. I did not take a camera, therefore, I don't have any pictures. We floated for five hours and enjoyed every bit of it! Kade really liked the float, but Layton wasn't too keen on the ICE COLD water. The river had recently flooded the area and it was very sad to see the devastation it left behind. There were camper trailers and busses wrapped around trees!

On Wednesday we headed back home, but not before we stopped in Wimberley at Blue Hole. Chris really wanted us to visit the spot, because she has so many childhood memories of the place, such as learning to swim there and just hanging out with her family. It was such a neat place that everyone should experience! I think the pictures and videos will tell you why.

As you walk down the hill you are greeted by a river lined with huge trees and a large grassy area.

Getting ready to float and relax.

The gang relaxing.

Mama Chris & Dennis



A & Kade

The water was really clear, so Kade did some exploring with his goggles.

Layton & Clint floating

Now the fun begins! There were two HUGE trees that you could swing from and land in the water.

Kade climbing up the tree and some girls helping him get the rope.

Gettin' ready!

Just a swingin'


Here is a video of Kade.

Clint couldn't resist. He had to try it out, too!

A video of Clint

Even Dennis had to try the tree out! (Dennis, Chris gave me permission to post this!)

Before we left to go home we had a REAL picnic in the grassy area. It was a lot of fun! Layton and Dennis played a game with shells that the kids found in the water.

Once we returned we needed a vacation from our vacation! We had a great time and look forward to many more vacations together.

Schlitterbahn Waterpark

We traveled to New Braunfels for a few days at the end of June.  We met up with Clint's mom, Chris, and her husband's family.  It was a short trip, but we packed a lot into it!  We drove down Sunday afternoon and spent the evening visiting with everyone.  On Monday we all went to the Schlitterbahn Waterpark or parks, I should say.  I didn't realize there are a total of three different parks.  The kids had a great time, as did the adults!

Layton in one of the many kiddie pools.

There was an obstacle course set up that people could try out.  Clint, Kade and I had to try it out!

The end of the day!

Kade and Layton enjoying a $7.50 (each) treat.

Clint, Layton & Kade

Mama Chris & Dennis

L & A

D.M. & M

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Fun

I don't have much to go with these pictures, but I thought they were cute and grandparents would enjoy them.  I took them at Cooper's birthday, which the boys had a great time at.  Layton asked all day long if we were ready to go or not.

This butterfly sat on Layton's hand for at least 2-3 minutes.  I'm sure he had some type of sticky, candy stuff on his hand, so the butterfly was feasting.

Kade and his swim goggles.  He loves to wear these and go all over!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Baylor County Relay for Life 2010

As I've mentioned in another post our church had a Relay for Life team this year.  We worked throughout the year raising money for our team, The Holy Cows.  All of the money raised went to The American Cancer Society.  The actual Relay was held Friday, June 11 from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.  Clint and Layton lasted until about 1 a.m.  Kade and I would have lasted all night, but Ace was missing from home when Clint arrived at 1', so I drove around looking for him until about 3 a.m. and decided to just go to bed when I didn't find him.  Luckily, we found him the next evening.  A neighbor we have never met had him and was waiting to call the vet on Monday.

This year's Relay had a western theme.
Team Name:  The Holy Cows
Food at Tent:  Halos (Homemade Onion Rings)
Vehicle Made from Cardboard Box:   Wagon
Costume Contest:  Holy Cow
Midnight Dessert:  Rice Krispie Treat Holy Cow

Layton happily dressed up as a cowboy.  Now, he looks like a drug store cowboy here, but that's Layton for you!

Kids pulling the wagon.  Kade was inside "driving" the wagon.

Back of wagon.

Kade is in the green shorts.

Kade, C, and Layton walking for The Holy Cows.  The kids love to walk ALL night!  Kade is holding an umbrella he won as a "door prize."  He won several door prizes! 

M. made this adorable Rice Krispie Holy Cow.  She is so talented!