Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Sports Camps

Kade attended football and basketball camps this summer.  Each of the camps was four days long.  The football camp lasted for 1.5 hours each day and the basketball camp lasted for 3 hours each day.

Kade throwing the football.

Kade is in the center of the picture.  He has the ball and is running to the end zone.

Kade is in the center of this picture, too.  He has the ball again and is running for a touchdown.  Kade received The Hustle Award the second day of camp.

Kade is the middle child.  He is learning to shoot properly.

Kade is in the center of the picture, in the t-shirt.

Kade getting instruction from Coach A.

End of Year Awards Assembly

Oops, I have my posts out of order.

Kade had a wonderful 2nd grade year.  At the end of year awards assembly he received three awards.

1.  A-Honor Roll for the entire year.

2.  Perfect Attendance for the entire year.

3.  UIL 1st Place Second Grade Storytelling (Gold Medal)

Italian Dinner

Our church, The First Presbyterian Church, had a Relay for Life (American Cancer Society) team this year.  Our big fundraiser was an Italian Dinner served by the children of the church.  They did a wonderful job and were very successful in raising a large amount of money!


Each child was assigned a table to wait on.  Kade waited on Babers, Layton, Clint, Skye, Tyler, Melody, Sue, Bernard and Charlotte.

Kade checking up on his customers!  Lasagna, Caesar salad, corn, garlic bread and dessert was served.  It was delicious!

Layton helped clean up.

He loves to work!

Layton even received his very own mustache at the end.  He was so proud of it!

Dennis & Chris

Right before school let out we were able to travel to Dumas to be with Clint's mom, Chris, during a very special time.  She married a great guy, Dennis, on Sunday, May 23.  We left Friday after school and were able to hang out with the entire crew all weekend.

Saturday night we had a large gathering out in the backyard, complete with swimming and Smores.  Here is Layton enjoying a Smore.

Layton and H drawing with their Great Aunt Margaret, Chris' sister.

Mama Chris, Layton and Kade

The Clint McAdams crew with Mama Chris

Dennis and Chris had their grandchildren stand with them as they exchanged vows.

Dennis & Chris Plunk!

We had a great weekend and were so glad that we could help celebrate such a wonderful event.  We look forward to creating many memories with Chris and Dennis, as well as Dennis' family.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Youth Baseball 2010

Kade played machine pitch baseball again this year. He did a great job! He started off playing third base and then moved to pitcher (kid that stands by machine and acts as the pitcher, catching the ball after each play is completed or when it comes to him). He got a hit every time he was up to bat, except for the very last ballgame and he struck out twice.

He played for the Marlins this year. We got some good laughs at the beginning of the season because he could not remember his team's name and would tell people he was on the Mardels! Baseball lasted for about five weeks and of course kept us busy, another reason I am so far behind on my posting.

Kade reaching out to catch a ball.

I'm not a baseball expert, but I really like this picture. Looks like Kade is playing ball!

My mom took these pictures and I love this one. Kade is tossing a ball to first base. You can see the ball in mid-air, right above the big dog's head.

Another good one by my mom. You can see the ball leaving the bat. Kade did such a great job batting this year!

Here is a short video of Kade

Monday, June 14, 2010

Frog & Turtle Hunting

Kade received a BB gun for his birthday from Nede & Pa-Paw Palmer.  I mentioned it in his birthday post, but for those who missed it, my grandfather purchased it before he passed away and wanted Kade to have it when he was old enough.  So, we rode around after it rained a few weekends ago and let Kade try to shoot frogs and turtles in the tank.  Needless to say, we need a little practice with our aim!

This is the only good picture that I got.  I love it, though!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Megargel Centennial

On May 8, 2010, we went to Megargel's centennial celebration.  Megargel is the small town just east of Seymour where my mom grew up and my grandparents lived all of my childhood.  I have a lot of memories that took place in Megargel, Texas!  The centennial was great and we appreciate all the people who put it together.

I didn't get but two pictures.  They are of the burnout contest that was held.  This was my first time to see a burnout contest.  It was very interesting, but the burnt rubber really stinks!

This is my cousin-in-law, Kenley Lane's, car.  He did a great job burning rubber!

Clint and Layton gettin' smoked out.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Warrior Dash

A bunch of our friends, plus my sister Sommer, traveled to Forney, Texas with us on May 2 to participate in The Warrior Dash.  The day was so much fun!  We ran a 3.5 mile course that had 14 different obstacles scattered throughout it.  The obstacles included crawling through mud, sliding down a muddy hill, climbing hay bales, swimming in a pond, and even jumping fire.  This was definitely a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget!

 I ran with a water proof camera, so my pictures are very poor quality.

Before the race, nice and clean.

Pond with BIG logs you had to jump/swim over.  This was the most difficult obstacle, in my opinion.

Sommer headed down the mud slide.

I grabbed this pic of me off of the main photographer's site.

Another one I grabbed of me.

After the race, nice and dirty.

Sunday & Clint.  No, Clint did not win--every participant received a t-shirt, warrior hat and a medal!

You could donate your shoes once you finished racing.  I donated mine--they were caked with mud.

Weekend Visitors

We had weekend visitors April 23-25.  Dennis, Mama Chris and Hayden came to see us!  We hung out at our house on Friday night and caught up.  On Saturday we went out to my parents' house, where Clint was helping work their cow herd.  Sunday came too soon and our visitors had to leave, but we had a great time and the boys just loved having Hayden over for the weekend.

Hayden, Kade & Layton playing on the horse walker at my parents' house.  It isn't plugged in to electricity, but the kids like to hang on it and push each other around, like a merry-go-round.

Using teamwork to jump up and grab an arm!

Our big dog was going crazy in the yard on Saturday evening, so Clint went out to see what the ruckus was about.  From a distance he thought the boys had left a toy out in the yard.  This is what he found though, upon closer examination!

Our livestock barn houses several owls and this is a baby that somehow came up into your yard.  It would just hop around in a circle and clack it's beak together, which was really loud.

The crew before leaving on Saturday.  I could not get a good picture of Layton, so this one will just have to do.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Panther Pride Award

Kade received the Panther Pride Award for PE on April 15, 2010. I was unable to attend the academic pep rally, so a friend took a picture for me. Kade also received awards for A Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance for the 5th Six Weeks.