Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goats, Rabbits, Squirrels--Oh My!

Kade participated in our county stock show this past weekend.  He did such a good job showing his animals! 

With his meat pen (3 rabbits) he placed 2nd in his class.

Kade placed 3rd in his class with a single fryer (1 rabbit).

My mom got this cute shot of Kade and Layton with my dad.

We have had our goats, Lilo & Stitch, since September, so to do well with them meant a lot to us, since we have put in so much time and effort.

Both of Kade's goats weighed the exact same, so they were in the same class.  It worked out great though, Lilo placed 1st and Stitch placed 2nd in the class!

Here is Kade showing Lilo.

 Kade also ended up receving 3rd place in junior goat showmanship.  I was very proud of him for this, because you show against 3rd-8th graders.  Here he is shaking the judge's hand after she awarded him 3rd place.  The judge mentioned that he had his goat set up everytime she looked at him.

 Our county also held a photography contest during the stock show.  Kade's picture won Reserve Champion and 1st in the category (Wild Animals).  The picture is of a squirrel in a big glass jar and is titled "Glass Jar Diner."

Kade came out great at the premium sale Saturday night.  He made the sale with his goat and rabbit project.  Kade is very lucky to have wonderful grandparents who support him through buying and adding on to his project!  Thank y'all!

I realized after the stock show that I did not get a good picture of Kade with all his ribbons, so I took this behind our barn.

Great job Kade!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Museum Trip

My parents took Kade and Layton to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History on MLK Day this past week.  They also went to the FW Livestock Show and Rodeo earlier in the weekend.  They had an awesome time swimming at the hotel and visiting the museum.  Thanks PaPaw and Babers!

The boys just love this museum--they could go once a month and not get bored!

Huge Bright Lite

Colonial Handwriting


Layton stacking cups

and picking cups up!

Using his weight to lift a bucket of heavy items.

Clint's Metal Work

Clint does all kinds of neat metal projects throughout the year.  I've even started him a blog to showcase his work, but we don't keep up with it like we need to.  Recently, a group that he did some work for put a picture of it in the newspaper.  All of the designs and writing on the rock are out of metal.  Clint drilled holes in the rock and attached the metal.  The group, cabin owners at a nearby lake, picked out the design and fonts.

I may just have to start posting on here all of his projects, so that family and friends can see what he does all day!  HA! The boys and I are very proud of him and appreciate how hard he works for us.

A New Do!

The boys needed a haircut before going back to school, so we went to a new place in WF called Sports Clips.  They loved it!  Take a look at the photos below and you will see why.

Wash and massage.  

Hot towel treatment.

 Kade & Layton requested a new do, so they got spikes!