Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Leopard Corkboard

This past Sunday, Layton and I tackled a project that I have been putting off for about two months now. I have been wanting a corkboard similar to the ones you see in Ballard Designs--the ones with the chunky frames. So, I sent a fellow teacher on the hunt for a frame--he garage sales every weekend and finds the neatest stuff. He found one for me at an estate sale and then insisted I take it for FREE--he claims he didn't pay anything--Haney, if you ever read this, Thank You. There was a portrait in it--my kids think it was me when I was little. So, Layton and I put the corkboard on the backside of the portrait, stretched the fabric over it and then screwed it into the frame. I liked the color of the frame, so I didn't even have to paint it. I hung it next to my desk. It doesn't look as nice as the ones you see in Ballard Designs, but Layton and I are proud of it!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Palmer Family Reunion

This year we had the Palmer Family Reunion at Lake Nocona. A cousin, Missy Murphey, has a home on the lake and was kind enough to offer to host the reunion. There were 75+ people at her house all weekend (including four travel trailers/RVs) and she didn't lose her calm one time. She is quite the lady (she really is--she is a fire fighter at Farmer's Branch!--she is ranked as a captain). We all had a wonderful time and it was fun seeing everyone. Here are just a few of the pics I got during the weekend.

We always have t-shirts made for our reunion. This year they were way cool. A talented friend and graphic designer came up with this logo for us. If you need anything cool (invites, t-shirts for events, canvas art--you name it) email me and I'll hook you up with her information).

Ace loves the water, too!

Clint and Kade kayaking.

Layton eventually had to get in too.

This home was across the water from my cousin's home. Kade asked as soon as we got there if we could swim over to the museum!

Layton fishing.

Cheese, Layton!

Kade and one of his many girl cousins on the Aqua Totter.

Layton with his catch, a big stick. Ace wanted it real bad. Layton had the best time trying to keep it away from Ace.

Ace got it!

Clint knee boarding. He decided the next morning that he was too old for this!

Kade on the slip n' slide.

Layton--little dare devil.

Clint on the slip n' slide. He decided the next morning that he was definitely too old for this! Took him two days to recover!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mud Puddle Fun

Growing up my sisters and I would always play in the mud puddles around my parents' house after a rain (not too often in North Central Texas!). Well, after two inches of rain during the weekend of June 13th, and mud puddles everywhere, I thought to myself that my boys had never played in a mud puddle. So, I introduced them to the sport and they had a blast. I of course had them dress in dark underwear, so that it wouldn't stain their white ones--always thinking clean! They had a wonderful time, both playing and posing for the camera, as you can tell.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Relay for Life

On June 12th, Kade and I participated in Baylor County's Relay for Life. I actually was a sponsor for the high school student council, which consisted of 52 kids. The kids raised a little over $1700 throughout the school year and the night of the event. I was very proud of them. If you are not familiar with Relay, you raise money for the American Cancer Society. On the day of the relay you stay from 6 p.m. on Friday to 6 a.m. on Saturday. Someone from your team is walking on the track at all times. There are activities all night long that the teams put on--this keeps everyone awake and entertained. It is an exhausting event, but well worth it. Baylor County raised over $19,500 for the event--great for a small town!

Kade taking his turn walking around the track. The team member walking wore a birthday hat. The Relay committee gave "door prizes" all night long to the teams. The team member wearing the hat won the "door prize". Kade won some cups, tablets of paper and ink pens. He wasn't very impressed! He even made the comment, "I'm staying up here all night for this!". We had to have a little talk about the real reason we were there.
At 10 p.m. all the lights were shut off and the luminary bags were lit--this made a beautiful, heart warming scene around the track. Luminary bags could be purchased in memory of a loved one who had lost the fight t0 cancer. We lost Clint's grandmother, Jean Warren, on June 6, 2009 to cancer, so we purchased a luminary in her honor.

We love you, Nana Jean.

Here are Kade and Shelbi Groves participating in one of the many late night activities. You had to shave a balloon with a razor in this event. Kade and Shelbi won 2nd place.

Frozen t-shirt contest. Kade is sitting on the t-shirt trying to thaw it out. He never did get the t-shirt defrosted!

Trying to pull the t-shirt apart!

*Please keep our Nede, Anita Palmer, in your thoughts and prayers. She will be traveling to Scott and White soon for a biopsy on her liver and possibly her lung.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Helping Daddy

This event actually took place about 1 1/2 weeks ago, but it was next in line to be posted and fell right in place with Father's Day.

While Kade and I were cleaning out his closet I find a rocket type model that actually shot up in the air and came back down with a parachute type contraption. The box said it would go up 600 feet. Clint helped the boys set it up and then set it off for them. It only worked once--Clint spent like 45 minutes trying to make it work. The boys loved it, though.

Clint set a new water tub for our cows. As you can tell the boys had a wonderful time playing in it while it filled with water.
The boys and I are lucky to have Clint in our life. He is a wonderful father and works very hard to provide for us. Happy Father's Day, Clint!

Thanks to my dad, too. He is a great man and I am blessed to have him as my dad. Plus, my boys adore him--it's pretty obvious he adores them, too. Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Car Floor Mats & Calf Slobber

The title has got to have you wondering!

On June 4 I cleaned both of the vehicles that the boys and I take on a daily basis. I have a Toyota Sequoia and I also drive a VW Beetle. I usually take the time, at least once a month, to really clean my car. However, April and May were so busy that it just didn't get done. They were nasty. I enlisted the boys' help on cleaning the floor mats. They had fun and of course there was a little fighting over who got to do what. I'm proud to say, though, that the mats look wonderful.

(The VW beetle belongs to my parents, but they insist that the boys and I drive it for fuel mileage--it is an older model and is actually famous--when a bad storm came through in 06' it was beat badly with hail in the school's parking lot, because my sister was driving it while she was in high school--it made the front page of the Wichita Falls Times Record News--all the windows were busted out and it just looked horrible--when I drive it in W.F. people will ask if that is the bug that was on the front of the paper a few years back--thanks, mom & dad for letting us drive it).

June 4 was also my dad's birthday. Kade had a baseball game that night, so we didn't do anything special. I also never know what to get my dad, so this year I gave him his favorite dessert, a coconut pie from the Rock Inn Cafe. This cafe is also famous. It has been on Texas Country Reporter, in Texas Monthly, and Texas Highways. Their pies are delicious. The meringue is so high, so I snapped a picture of it. We grew up calling it calf slobber, so I shared this with my boys. They thought that was too funny!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Buster the Guinea Pig

I'm not sure if I've ever blogged about Buster or not. We inherited him at Thanksgiving of this past year. He belonged to Jackie Cooper of Throckmorton. Jackie is my Aunt Lori's dad, but sadly he passed away in November. He was a very neat man and my sisters and I always enjoyed him when were were growing up. Well, Aunt Lori and her sister JJ decided that Kade and Layton should have Buster. Buster kept Jackie company in the nursing home, as well as the other residents from what I've heard. He is around 5 years old and is a very large guinea pig--he has been fed well. The boys, especially Layton, like to get him out and play with him. He lets Layton tote him where ever, as you can see in the picture. Buster finally fell out (or probably jumped out) of the wagon towards the end of this little episode. Layton enjoyed pulling him around the living room, though, while the fun lasted. (Layton looks drunk in the picture--maybe that is why Buster fell out! Crazy driving!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Sister's Son?

I think I have finally come to the conclusion that Layton may really be my sister's child. He could actually belong to either sister, Sommer or Skye. I say this because he loves clothes and shoes! Every morning we argue about what he is going to wear for the day. He claims what I pick out doesn't match and I most definitely know that what he picks out doesn't match, so we end up fighting. As you can see in the picture he wants me to hold him up in his closet so he can pick out a t-shirt. *Funny story-he wanted a soccer shirt to match his soccer shorts. I gave him the shirt that came with the shorts (Old Navy outfit). He said it didn't match and it didn't have a soccer ball on it. I argued and argued with him about a soccer ball being on the front. He finally, very seriously and in his two year old voice, said "There is not a soccer ball on it, there is a shoe on it." I'll be darned, there was a shoe on it when I turned it around and looked at it. I couldn't keep a straight face--neither could he or Kade after I started laughing.

Update: This post was suppose to take place the first week in June, but it didn't get posted.
We have since nipped this little problem in the bud--several time out sessions. I realized that he was too old to be throwing fits about clothing, etc. Actually, after time out and numerous spankings he has been a better child all together the past two weeks. I was very strict on Kade, but for some reason that second child gets away with sooooooo much more!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Red Neck Pool & Backyard Flowers

My mom graciously donated her above ground swimming pool to the boys last summer. I had plans of selling it this year, but they begged me to put it up again, so we did right before school was out. They have both enjoyed it and it is a pretty good babysitter while I'm doing yard work and can see and hear them.

For the past few years I just haven't been into flowers. They cost too much and then die by July, because I hate to take the time to properly water. I have started a perennial bed, though, which is very nice. The plants come back each year and don't require just a whole lot of water. I have all of the stuff to put in a drip system (it was left by the people who lived here before us--we are talking $100s of dollars worth of supplies), so that is one of my goals this summer. We are also working on a patio--they are actually pouring the concrete today and tomorrow. I absolutely can't wait!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Perfect Attendance & A-Honor Roll

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted. We have been so busy with the end of school and trying to catch up here at the house since summer vacation started. I'm going to try to catch up and start posting once a day.

Kade just finished up first grade. He had a wonderful year and we were very thankful for his teacher, Mrs. Morgan. She did an excellent job! The last two weeks of school the kids dressed up funny each day. There was a hillbilly day, hat day, favorite sport day, etc. The first picture was of Kade on Career Day. You were suppose to dress up like the profession you want to be one day. Kade wants to be a teacher, if you can't tell. At the end-of-year pep rally Kade received awards for staying on the A-Honor Roll for the entire year and he was the only first grade student to have Perfect Attendance for the ENTIRE year.

We are looking forward to second grade and need to get busy this summer with our reading and math skills. Our summer vacation is going to be over before we know it!