Monday, June 29, 2009

Palmer Family Reunion

This year we had the Palmer Family Reunion at Lake Nocona. A cousin, Missy Murphey, has a home on the lake and was kind enough to offer to host the reunion. There were 75+ people at her house all weekend (including four travel trailers/RVs) and she didn't lose her calm one time. She is quite the lady (she really is--she is a fire fighter at Farmer's Branch!--she is ranked as a captain). We all had a wonderful time and it was fun seeing everyone. Here are just a few of the pics I got during the weekend.

We always have t-shirts made for our reunion. This year they were way cool. A talented friend and graphic designer came up with this logo for us. If you need anything cool (invites, t-shirts for events, canvas art--you name it) email me and I'll hook you up with her information).

Ace loves the water, too!

Clint and Kade kayaking.

Layton eventually had to get in too.

This home was across the water from my cousin's home. Kade asked as soon as we got there if we could swim over to the museum!

Layton fishing.

Cheese, Layton!

Kade and one of his many girl cousins on the Aqua Totter.

Layton with his catch, a big stick. Ace wanted it real bad. Layton had the best time trying to keep it away from Ace.

Ace got it!

Clint knee boarding. He decided the next morning that he was too old for this!

Kade on the slip n' slide.

Layton--little dare devil.

Clint on the slip n' slide. He decided the next morning that he was definitely too old for this! Took him two days to recover!


  1. Hey Sunday ==we would love for you all to come to town! I follow your blog too love your creativity! and I have never seen a little guy look just like his dad like Layton does--wow! and Kade just seems like the perfect little boy! You should be very proud!

    We are busy this weekend and the first week of august--besides that we are free! Just let me know-there is so much we could do!

  2. Super cool shirts-she does an amazing job! Thank you tremendously for the image resizer site-it is a HUGE time saver-wish I could get all the wasted time back. I am so excited about it that I created a post in thanks to you-hope you don't mind! When we were visiting about your door I think we must have gotten interrupted and never finished b/c once at home I thought, "Did we finish that conversation?" You said you wanted it to pop-what about a turquoise color, maybe like the color of you stencil in your kitchen. You could even stain, glaze, or sand the edges after painting it. I think that would pop and would look nice with the rest of your decor. Did you decide on paint to order? You are lucky because you have a wood door to work with! Thanks again for the site and I love the mud puddle pictures-they look like the two happiest kids in the world!

  3. Sorry for the typo: 'Your stencil'