Saturday, February 28, 2015

June 2014

June brought football and basketball camp and the first annual McAdams Family Reunion.

The first annual McAdams Family Reunion was held at Possum Kingdom Lake June 6-8, 2014.  It was wonderful getting almost everyone together for fun, food, and fellowship.

The weekend that we held the reunion was a special weekend for Possum Kingdom.  The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2014's second stop was held at Hell's Gate.

We only watched the warm up dives on Friday, June 6th, but Hell's Gate was still bustling.  Here is one of many drones that were flying around.

The first two weeks of June both boys spent time at our local football and basketball camps.  I only got pics of Layton at our local b-ball camp.  Mid-June Kade attended the Texas Association of Basketball Coach's camp in Georgetown, Texas.  It was a great experience for him!

Layton dribbles,

he shoots,

he scores!

Kade is in the white jersey.

Kade is in the gray jersey with the bright yellow shirt.

Kade, Nick Slaggle and Carson Hardin all attended the camp and played together on a team with other kids.  Their team won the tournament played on the last day and Nick got team MVP.

May 2014

May brought us baseball, a spring dance, field day and end-of-year awards assemblies.

Layton was the only one who played baseball this year and was lucky enough to have his dad as his coach.  Layton is quiet the hustler when it comes to sports and always tries to do his very best.  He improved each game and had a good season.

Layton is on the far left end on the bottom row (if you are looking at pic).

Kade attended the middle school student council spring dance on May 2nd.  The theme was a luau. Kade loves dancing and having fun, so of course, he had a blast.

Layton's elementary school held their field day the next to last day of school.  He had fun competing and playing with his friends one last time before summer vacation.  His class also celebrated his summer birthday that day, so I was able to take Spiderman cookies.

Both boys had a great school year and Clint and I couldn't be more proud of their accomplishments.  

Layton struggled at the beginning of first grade, but with a lot of hard work and dedication he was above average by the time May rolled around.  Layton received the reading award for his classroom.  He made it to 100 AR points the last week of school!  There were only two first graders who accomplished this.

Kade is a great student and I am so thankful for that.  He received the following awards.
AR Award (180.8 points)
Million Word Club (1,251,707 words)
Character Counts Award (one boy and one girl are chosen from each grade by their peers)
A Honor Roll (entire year)
Top Ranking 6th Grade Student


April 2014

In April 2014 the highlights of our month were Antiques Week, Kade's sucess in TMSCA, and Easter.

The first weekend in April, Clint and I headed to Texas Antiques Week in Round Top, Texas.  We (okay, me) really love old stuff...junk.  Our main mission was to find a one-of-a-kind piece to sit our large flat screen television on.  We found it, plus had a ton of fun getting away for the weekend!  I also got to meet The Junk Gypsies and shop in their awesome store. 

The same weekend we went to Round Top, Kade traveled to San Antonio to compete in the Texas Math and Science Coaches Association state meet.  He qualified in science for 1-A schools.  He placed 5th in the sixth grade category out of 33 students.  You had to qualify for this meet, so they weren't just 33 off the street!  Clint and I were very impressed and proud of him.

Easter fell in April of this year.  Both boys attended the church hunt, Layton had a hunt at school and my parents hid eggs at their house on Easter Sunday.