Tuesday, August 28, 2012

May 2012

Here is May in a nutshell!

Both boys played baseball again this year.  Layton played coach pitch again and Kade moved up into regular baseball.  

Mother's Day Tea @ Miz Carol's

Layton's preschool hosted a Mother's Day Tea.

Preschool Graduation

Layton graduated from Miz Carol's

SES Field Day

Kade enjoyed his last field day at the elementary school.

End-of-Year SHS Student Council Trip

I am the high school student council sponsor.  Each May we take an end-of-year trip.  Kade and Layton always go with us and the "big kids" treat them like kings.

SES Talent Show

The 4th grade puts on a talent show at the end of the school year.  Kade participated in two acts.  He received 2nd and 3rd places with his groups.

The Squatty Bodies
Kade is in the gray jacket and pink shorts.  This group received 2nd place.  See the video below - this act is really cute!

Tom Sawyer
Kade and another little boy acted out the fence scene from Tom Sawyer.  Kade is playing Tom and does a great job.  He received 3rd place with this act.  See the video below (you can't hear it all that well - sorry).

Talent Show ribbons and gift certificate.

SES End-of-Year Awards Assembly

Kade did an outstanding job in 4th grade this year.  At the awards assembly he received the following.
1.  A-Honor Roll for the Entire Year
2.  100+ Accelerated Reader Points
3.  Reading Award for the 6th Six Weeks
4.  Highest Overall Grade Point Average - 4th Grade Boy

SOHO Variety Show

An organization in Seymour decided to host a variety show this past April.  Kade's 4th grade English teacher invited his class to put on a play, Any Body for Tea.  There were only three gentleman parts, so I urged Kade to try out for one of the old ladies instead.  I promised him it would be tons of fun and he would remember playing the part of an old woman forever.  So, he tried out for Hildegarde and got the part!  The group did a great job and everyone was shocked at the end when they found out that Hildegarde was a boy!

Kade in the purple and green dress speaking to the lead detective.

 This group of kids (all of Kade's grade) is so talented, ambitious and well-mannered.  I can not wait to see the great things they are going to do together and in their future.