Sunday, December 27, 2009

Playin' in the Snow

On Saturday, Dec. 26, all of us went outside and enjoyed a little fun in the snow.  My sister had a sled when we were kids, so we dug it out and Clint pulled the boys around on it behind the four wheeler.  They also got to sled down a small hill that Clint built for them with his skid loader.  Of course, the boys built a small snowman and even a snowdog!

Kade solo on the sled.

Layton & Kade on sled.

The boys didn't lean, so they got dumped.  Layton was not happy!

Kade ready to go down the hill.

Kade going down hill.

Layton throwing a snow ball (you can see the ball in mid-air).

Layton & Ace-Kings of the Mountain

Kade with the snowman he built.

The snowman had really BIG eyes!

You can kind of make the snowdog out--right in front of Layton.


Christmas was wonderful, as always.  It is so much fun to see how excited the boys get and to hear their delight with each gift on Christmas morning.  Layton was so funny, after each gift that he opened he would run and give me a hug, tell me thank you and that he loved me!  Layton's three favorite gifts have to be his Monster Castle (from Santa) and two costumes (policeman and frontier cowboy).  Kade's favorite gift is a silver IPod he received.  I have to admit that I love it too and can't wait to use it!  I have uploaded several Miley Cyrus songs, plus both music and home videos.  Clint received a Jaw Horse that he wanted and I got a new digital camera that I wanted.

Santa enjoyed his cookies and milk.

Kade & Layton on Christmas morning.  Layton would not wear his Christmas pajamas!

Layton with his "Monster Castle"

Kade received a Webkinz Zumbuddy and a note from Santa telling him that the rest of his gift was in Daddy's shop, because it was too big to fit down the chimney.  As you can see, he received a basketball goal and basketball.

We traveled to my parents' home on Christmas morning.  It took us awhile to get there because of the roads.  I do not have any pictures, but will try to get some from my Mom.  I guess I was so frenzied from the drive, that I didn't even get any pics!  The boys had a blast opening their gifts and received lots of good stuff, like a personalized duffle bag, a personalized sleeping bag, clothes, games and lots of stocking goodies.

We traveled to my other grandparents' home on Christmas evening, which we do every year.  We eat, the boys receive lots of gifts and the adults do a Chinese Christmas exchange.  The Chinese Christmas is lots of fun, because there are some really good gifts that are brought!  The boys received personalized pillow cases, chalkboard placemats, movie theatre gift cards and money.  Clint picked a dutch oven, fully equipped with utensils and a cookbook, and I picked a beautiful picture frame in Chinese Christmas.

Layton & Kade playing with their chalkboard placemats.  They are going to love these for a long time!  Thank you Cooper & Luke!

Cooper & Kade doctoring a giraffe.

Layton received a self-inflating whoopie cushion for Christmas and had a blast sitting it underneath people.  Here he is sitting it underneath my sister, Sommer.

Christmas Eve

We woke up to a Winter Wonderland on Christmas Eve morning!  The snow was beautiful and the boys were so excited, of course.  I heard the news say that the DFW area has not had a white Christmas in 80 years, so I guess that goes for us, too.

Each year we go to my grandparents' (Buckalew) for Christmas Eve.  We eat dinner, open gifts and spend time with family.  We usually spend the evening together, but this year, because of the weather we woke up to, we moved the time up to lunch.  It took us almost 1 1/2 hours to get there, a trip that normally takes 35 minutes.  The kids all got gifts from everyone and the adults had a Chinese Christmas exchange with gift cards.  Clint got a gift card to Academy (which, he brought) and I got one to Ulta (my sister traded me a Target one, though).  Kade received a Wii game, a DS game, books and several Webkinz items.  Layton received a Diego rescue backpack, a Uno Moo game and several plastic animals to play with.

This was the road coming home.  It had been worked by then, so it was much better than the trip to my grandfather's.

Fence lines driving home.

Kade with a new book.

Layton and his Diego backpack.

JW, Layton & Kade

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas with Mama Chris

We stayed the night with Mama Chris, Clint's mom, on Saturday evening and were able to spend some time with her.  We ordered pizza, watched "Up" and relaxed in the hot tub.  On Sunday we all got up and headed to Amarillo to celebrate Christmas with Clint's brother's family.  The boys received pajamas, clothes, books and a Squirmie, which included a personalized letter from Santa.

Mama Chris, Hallie, Hayden, Kade & Layton

It's so hard to get a good family picture of everyone, especially when you have several cameras to look at!

Layton in his Scooby Doo Pajamas (he has told me each night that he LOVES his pjs), both Squirmies (Limey and Tiger) and Kade reading his letter from Santa.

Limey-belongs to Layton
Tiger-belongs to Kade

Kade's letter from Santa.  We will treasure these always and are so lucky that Mama Chris is good friends with Santa.

Christmas with Papa Steve and Nanny

This past weekend we spent Christmas with Clint's family.  First we went to Stratford to see Clint's dad.  The boys received plenty of toys and clothes, but each had a favorite toy they received.  Kade received a Nintendo DS game that he has been wanting, so he played it the entire time and Layton received a Spiderman web spinner he has been wanting.

Kade showing Papa Steve how to play his new game.

Spiderman spinning a web.  I love how I captured the web in mid-air.

Layton aiming right for Papa Steve!

Next we went to town and saw Clint's great, great grandmother, Nanny.   She recently turned 99 years old and looks terrific!  We always enjoy seeing her, she is so sweet.  We let her open presents from us and then visited for awhile.  Layton, of course, had to wear his big cowboy hat in, so all of the folks in the nursing home were wanting to visit with him.  One of the older gentleman even gave each of the boys a half-dollar after visiting with them.  We had a wonderful time in Stratford and look forward to seeing everyone again.

Nanny and the boys.

Clint, Nanny,  Kade & Layton

Layton showing his hat off and being a toot.

Layton finally let Nanny wear his hat.  He kept telling her to turn it around, though, but she never heard him.  She is so much fun, even at 99!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas

We would like to wish all of you a 
Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Kade's 2nd Grade Christmas Party

Kade had his classroom Christmas party on Friday, December 18th.  Every child brought a gift to put in each student's stocking.  They enjoyed going through their stocking and seeing what they received.  Kade was very excited that his sweet teacher gave each child a Movie Gallery gift card and some candy.  He can't wait to go rent a movie or game.  We are so excited to have two weeks off and are ready to  spend time at home together.

Cookie Decorating Contest

Kade's art teacher was so sweet and invited art students to her house for a cookie decorating contest.  She baked the huge gingerbread man shaped cookies beforehand and then allowed the kids to decorate with icing and candy.  Kade ended up winning the contest and was awarded with a package of candy (only a few entered the contest, so please don't think we have a bid in for the Food Network!).  I have not tried the cookie, but Kade, Clint and Layton have been eating on and it and say it is delicious.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fantasy of Lights

On Saturday, December 12, Kade had a Y-Ball Basketball game, so we were back in WF again this weekend.  Once the game was over and we had dinner, we went over to Midwestern State University to take a stroll through their Fantasy of Lights.  I love the light display and remember going through it as a child each year at Christmas.  It was a little chilly, so we made a quick trip through, but everyone enjoyed it!

Clint, Kade & Layton in front of the Cinderella display.

Peter Pan
There was even audio from the movie playing, so it made you feel like you were in Neverland!

The Three Little Pigs

Santa soaking his feet after a hard night's work!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Guess Who Came to School Today?

The CAT!

Our cat (we only have one left) jumped in the engine area of my car this morning (Fri., 12/11).  I thought he had, but didn't have time to look.  The boys wanted me to stop and pop the hood, but I just blew them off and said it would be fine that he probably got in Clint's pickup, not my car.

Well, I left the campus for lunch and when I returned back to school, the cat ran up to me and greeted me.  I was not as excited to see him, as he was me.  Scared that he was going to run off (not sure why I thought that since he had apparently hung around all morning) I took him into my office until I could run him home, which was eventful.  He is a barn cat and doesn't like to ride in the cab part of the car.

When I told the boys the story, they were amazed that the cat had visited school.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Just a Booger!

Sorry about the title, but you will soon see that it's perfect for this post.

A friend called the other night to share this funny conversation she had with Layton.

On Monday night we went to the junior high basketball games, because Kade had a PIP performance.  Layton was sitting in the stands with Babers waiting for us to perform.  A friend of mine, Lynann, whose daughter also goes to the same babysitter as Layton, was asking Layton why he and another little boy were keeping a baby doll away from a youngster at the sitter's.  Lynann said it was obvious he thought he was in double trouble with Babers sitting there listening, so he quickly blamed it on the other little boy and claimed he was innocent.  She teased him that his nose was starting to grow, because he was storying.  He immediately started to feel his nose and his eyes went cross trying to see the end of it.  She said after a few seconds he looked at her very seriously and said, "My nose isn't growing, it was just a booger."

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Church Christmas Program

Our church held their annual Christmas program on Sunday, December 6. Layton was an angel again this year and Kade moved up to shepherd. Of course, I had to bribe Layton with candy to get him to do it, but he did a heck of a job. Kade did great, too, which I knew he would.

Funny story: When Layton found out he was going to be an angel he wanted to know if he was going to be the kind with fire. My mom figured out that he was talking about the devil. In the old cartoons, you know, it usually has the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other (he watches the old-school cartoons at my mom's house). He was confused, but we quickly got it sorted out. He is just now catching on to who Jesus and God are -- it is just precious to hear him sing songs, which he makes up on his very own! He's been making up songs about Santa Claus, too. You will laugh yourself to pieces listening to him--he sometimes plays a guitar at the same time. I will try my best to get a video the next time I hear him.

Kade and Layton before the program.  Layton's grin looks a little devilish!

Kade with his beard on.

Layton (very back angel).  Notice the pink & white cowboy boots on the angel to his right.

Kade (in green) & KS

Layton waving at Baber's as he left the sanctuary.  The preacher even mentioned in his closing that we are so blessed to be in a church full of adorable children, and ones that feel comfortable enough to wave at their grandmas or wear pink cowboy boots with their angel costume.

We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful church and church family to worship in and with.