Sunday, December 27, 2009

Playin' in the Snow

On Saturday, Dec. 26, all of us went outside and enjoyed a little fun in the snow.  My sister had a sled when we were kids, so we dug it out and Clint pulled the boys around on it behind the four wheeler.  They also got to sled down a small hill that Clint built for them with his skid loader.  Of course, the boys built a small snowman and even a snowdog!

Kade solo on the sled.

Layton & Kade on sled.

The boys didn't lean, so they got dumped.  Layton was not happy!

Kade ready to go down the hill.

Kade going down hill.

Layton throwing a snow ball (you can see the ball in mid-air).

Layton & Ace-Kings of the Mountain

Kade with the snowman he built.

The snowman had really BIG eyes!

You can kind of make the snowdog out--right in front of Layton.


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