Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas with Papa Steve and Nanny

This past weekend we spent Christmas with Clint's family.  First we went to Stratford to see Clint's dad.  The boys received plenty of toys and clothes, but each had a favorite toy they received.  Kade received a Nintendo DS game that he has been wanting, so he played it the entire time and Layton received a Spiderman web spinner he has been wanting.

Kade showing Papa Steve how to play his new game.

Spiderman spinning a web.  I love how I captured the web in mid-air.

Layton aiming right for Papa Steve!

Next we went to town and saw Clint's great, great grandmother, Nanny.   She recently turned 99 years old and looks terrific!  We always enjoy seeing her, she is so sweet.  We let her open presents from us and then visited for awhile.  Layton, of course, had to wear his big cowboy hat in, so all of the folks in the nursing home were wanting to visit with him.  One of the older gentleman even gave each of the boys a half-dollar after visiting with them.  We had a wonderful time in Stratford and look forward to seeing everyone again.

Nanny and the boys.

Clint, Nanny,  Kade & Layton

Layton showing his hat off and being a toot.

Layton finally let Nanny wear his hat.  He kept telling her to turn it around, though, but she never heard him.  She is so much fun, even at 99!

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