Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Just a Booger!

Sorry about the title, but you will soon see that it's perfect for this post.

A friend called the other night to share this funny conversation she had with Layton.

On Monday night we went to the junior high basketball games, because Kade had a PIP performance.  Layton was sitting in the stands with Babers waiting for us to perform.  A friend of mine, Lynann, whose daughter also goes to the same babysitter as Layton, was asking Layton why he and another little boy were keeping a baby doll away from a youngster at the sitter's.  Lynann said it was obvious he thought he was in double trouble with Babers sitting there listening, so he quickly blamed it on the other little boy and claimed he was innocent.  She teased him that his nose was starting to grow, because he was storying.  He immediately started to feel his nose and his eyes went cross trying to see the end of it.  She said after a few seconds he looked at her very seriously and said, "My nose isn't growing, it was just a booger."

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