Sunday, December 13, 2009

Guess Who Came to School Today?

The CAT!

Our cat (we only have one left) jumped in the engine area of my car this morning (Fri., 12/11).  I thought he had, but didn't have time to look.  The boys wanted me to stop and pop the hood, but I just blew them off and said it would be fine that he probably got in Clint's pickup, not my car.

Well, I left the campus for lunch and when I returned back to school, the cat ran up to me and greeted me.  I was not as excited to see him, as he was me.  Scared that he was going to run off (not sure why I thought that since he had apparently hung around all morning) I took him into my office until I could run him home, which was eventful.  He is a barn cat and doesn't like to ride in the cab part of the car.

When I told the boys the story, they were amazed that the cat had visited school.

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  1. This post is too funny! I have carried cats to town before too, but I was unable to catch them...
    I've enjoyed reading all of you blog posts over my break. Enjoy the rest of your break!