Saturday, April 25, 2009

Funny Boys!

Layton and Kade keep us rolling with laughter. Here are two of the latest things they have come up with.

Layton, as I've talked about in previous posts, is pretty much potty trained. He is, of course, wearing big boy undies and most have characters on them. Well, if you have little ones you know that the character is mainly on the back part of the underwear (this is the largest surface area). Well, he insists wearing them backwards (all the time) so that he has full view of Diego, SpongeBob, or whoever he happens to be sporting that day. We just laugh and let him!

This is the backside of Layton, he would not turn around for me. As you can see, though, the front part of his underwear are in the back.
Kade-I don't have a picture of Kade doing something funny, just a statement. I have recently been shopping around our insurance (car & home) and for some reason or another Kade has picked up on all of this and has asked me questions off and on for the past few weeks. For example, will his Ninentdo DS or his Wii be paid for if a tornado comes, etc. Well, today Kade noticed that some of the plastic sheeting that goes over our fluorescent lighting (dates my house!) was broken and lying on the table. (Clint broke it yesterday trying to put it up after replacing a bulb). I told Kade that Daddy accidentally broke it and we would replace it the next time we went to W.F. He was serious as ever when he then asked, "Well, is our insurance going to cover it?". I laughed so hard! I hope he is a tight wad like his mother some day and shops his insurance around, too.


It has been awhile since I've been able to post--just plain busy is my only explanation. I thought I would slowly catch up between tonight and tomorrow afternoon. Below are some random Easter pics. We had a great holiday!

My Mom took this pic of us at her house. I need a tan something awful!

The boys hunting eggs at my parents' home. Mom cooked a big lunch for us after church and hid TONS of eggs for the boys. Clint and Tyler hid them, which made for an interesting hunt!

Layton & Kade before church. Clint hates for me to make them wear matching shirts, but I just love it. I don't find matching shirts often, because of the difference in their age. My Mom actually found these Polos at Dillards on sale the day before Easter. If you notice, Kade has a cut above his left eye. I actually did that! He just loved telling everyone this at church when they asked! I was washing Layton's hair in the bathtub and Kade somehow came in contact with the cup I was using. If you know me well, you know I was going about 110 mph, which explains how a little plastic cup can actually cut someone open. I felt awful. By the way, Layton did not take his play gun to church!

The boys created an Easter house using a kit purchased at Wal-Mart. It actually looked a lot better than I figured it would turn out.

Creating the Easter house. Notice Kade's eye again--we have really cool bandaids, which makes getting hurt a little more fun! Kade wanted a zebra one and Layton wanted a pirate one. Layton wasn't even hurt, but if he even notices the bandaids he has to have one, too.

Kade at the school Easter egg hunt. He traded this golden egg for two of his plain Easter eggs.
Kade before the school Easter egg hunt.

Hope y'all had a wonderful Easter, too!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Windy Weekend

Kade's Jump Rope

Layton's Easter Placemats

Craft Project #1: sticky note pad holder. Found on (way cool blog). Kade may help me make some more of these for his teachers.

Craft Project #2-Lampshade for my mom's guest bedroom. She has painted the most awesome leopard and zebra pattern on an antique bedroom set. I hope this shade works for her. If it doesn't, I'll just have to keep it!

Craft Project #3-Wreath for Skye's black front door. I still need to find a ribbon to hang it from. Everything came from Dollar Tree.

I can't gripe enough about the wind here lately. It was so bad this past week and weekend that we didn't spend anytime outside at all. On Saturday the boys and I went to Wichita Falls around mid-morning and stayed pretty much all day. We went to Hobby Lobby and scoped out new decorations/fabric/etc. for upstairs and bought some craft supplies. Clint has our boys trained well, however. They absolutely hate to shop and are not that fun to be with when on a "shopping" trip. Kade tells me that I take WAY TOO long! I'm trying to teach them different, though, for their future wives! We also had to run to the mall and Wal-Mart. We didn't do a lot, but it seemed to have took forever. We spent a lot of time in bathrooms, too--Layton wore undies and I didn't want to have any accidents (he did great).

I am becoming addicted to certain blogs because of the decorating ideas they give and the craft tutorials they provide. Almost all of the ones I follow go to garage sales and thrift shops, find used pieces at bargain prices, and then transform them into awesome stuff. So, I'm very inspired and want to start decorating in much the same way. So, while we were in Wichita Falls the boys and I went to the Goodwill store. They didn't have much, but Kade found a jump rope that is long enough for three people and Layton found some Easter placemats (okay, I did, but I told him he needed them). Kade is really into jumping rope and had been asking for one for a few days. The jump rope cost 59 cents! Layton's placemats were 99 cents for 3.

Sunday we went to church and then came home and stayed inside due to the wind. The boys played, Clint lounged and I cleaned house and worked on three craft projects. Layton got sick about 6' that evening, so we were on "throw up" watch the rest of the evening. I am at home with him today, but hope that he is better tomorrow.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fashion King?

Three layers of shorts (one of them is even a swimsuit)!

All of Layton's clothes pulled out of drawers.

Layton has been changing clothes non-stop here lately. He goes into his room when we get home for the day and starts pulling clothes out of his chest of drawers. He will put three or four shirts on and three or four pair of shorts on at the same time--layers them!! Normally, this would drive me nuts--clothes being everywhere--but I'm just letting him have fun & it has to be great for his eye-hand coordination. He also cleans up when I tell him to--he, of course, just stuffs everything back in the drawers, but of sight, out of mind will just have to do! He is such a funny kid!

April Fool's Day!

They were not sure what was going on!

On April Fool's Day I had the boys wait in the hall until I got their surprise ready. I wanted to put food coloring in the bottom of their cereal bowls and then have the milk turn colors when I poured it, but low and behold we were out of milk Wednesday morning--we are out of everything right now, actually. I'm headed to W.F. tomorrow to do some major grocery shopping. Instead I put a birthday candle in a Mrs. Baird's chocolate donut and sang them Happy Birthday. I told them (Layton, of course, didn't understand) that it was their REAL birthday and that I had presents and everything waiting. Kade's eyes lit up! APRIL FOOLS!

Kade was actually due on April 1 and I remember worrying that I was going to have an April Fools baby. He got a kick out of me telling him this.