Friday, January 21, 2011

YMCA Basketball

Kade is playing YMCA basketball again this year.  I have not been good about taking pictures, but Mama Chris got a bunch for me earlier this month.  There are a bunch of them, but most are action shots and show a series of movements, etc.  There are a few of Kade's supporters, too!  Kade is #5.

Layton loves his i-Phones!  Not his really--he will borrow anyone's, though!

Kade is directly underneath the bucket (gray shirt).  The next three pictures go with this one.

Kade is great on defense.  Here he is all over the guy in blue at the post position.

Kade scrambling for the ball.

Layton can fill your cell phone up with 400+ pictures in no time at all.  That is no joke!

Christmas in January!

We were unable to get together with Clint's mom and stepdad during December, so they came down the first weekend in January.  We hung out, opened gifts and went to one of Kade's YMCA basketball games.  A great time was had by all!

Kade and his soft, furry winter hat.  Elmer Fudd!

Mama Chris baked a batch of her famous Gingerbread Man cookies.  They were delicious, and of course didn't last through the weekend.

Layton is grinning in this picture as he opens a present.

Layton and his new monkey pajamas.

Kade and his three goats (tied together) that Aunt Jean made and sent him.  We have laughed and laughed at these three Billy Goat Gruffs!

Caught the boys, even Ace, enjoying a video game.

3rd 6 Weeks Academic Pep Rally - 3rd Grade

Kade did another great job the 3rd 6 weeks of third grade.  At the academic pep rally earlier this month he received the following recognitions:

*A-Honor Roll

*Perfect Attendance (Kade has NEVER missed a day of school until Wed. & Thur. of this week.  He had high temperature and had to stay home.  He was extremely bummed about it.)

*UIL Storytelling 1st Place Medal

*Fighting Panther Award in PE

Way to go Kade!  Daddy and I are so proud of you.

4-H Rabbit Project

Kade will be showing goats and rabbits at our county livestock show this next week.  He is enjoying the rabbit project.  He willingly works with them each day and hopefully, will do a great job at the show.  Layton likes to touch and handle them, also.

Here are pics from one afternoon of practicing with the rabbits.  The boys rewarded themselves with a ride in their golf cart!

Bedtime Stories

Kade has been doing a wonderful job of reading this school year.  He usually has one or two picture books he reads each week along with a chapter book.  He reads the picture books to Layton right before bedtime most nights.

This is a book that Grandma Dixie sent Layton for Christmas.  It was very cute and both boys enjoyed it.  Kade even took an Accelerated Reader (AR) test over it the next day and made a 100!

*Kade has Vaseline on his lips--that is why they are so shiny.