Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas! Kade received a Nintendo DSi case and a Super Scribblenauts game (we all are addicted to this game--it really makes you think & spell!) from Santa. Layton received a case for his "hand-me-down" (he thinks it is brand new) Nintendo DS and a game for it from Santa. Clint and I purchased the boys their very own golf cart, which we are all excited about. Growing up in the country requires a golf cart! I had one as a kid and so did Clint, so we definitely thought Kade & Layton needed one. Here are a few pics from Christmas morning 2010.

Now, here are two videos of the boys going out to find their big gift (golf cart) and coming back from their first ride. WARNING! We completely look and sound (especially me) like Rednecks. I started to edit my voice out, but since all my followers are family and friends, I'll just let you see me in the real! HA!

*Be sure and listen to what Layton is saying in the first video. Kade is telling him, "Come on, let's go ride our new golf cart." Layton can't see it yet, so he is asking, "Do we have a golf cart?".

Finding The Golf Cart

Coming In From 1st Ride

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  1. How fun the golf cart will be! I can remember all of the fun we had on ours as well, growing up. I think you sound great-happy and loving!
    Did Layton say it wasn't very fun?
    Kade is too sweet to his brother. :-)
    It looks like the boys made out really well. You will have to let me know how the Dippin Dot thing works. Does it make them? Lyndon LOVES their ice cream but it is so expensive. I thought about getting it for his birthday party a few years ago, but it was outrageously expensive even thru their mail orders.
    I can't remember if I answered your question about my mantel: I have thought about putting the tv there as I love the look;however, our fireplace sits much higher than most therefore even after lowering the mantel I still think it would be too high for the tv. I bet you could do it to yours though.
    Thank you very much for your very kind comments regarding our Christmas decorations. We have a lot of fun. You are welcome out to the house anytime-the boys would have a lot of fun I bet. Just come out and see our decorations next time.
    Have a great week!