Friday, January 21, 2011

YMCA Basketball

Kade is playing YMCA basketball again this year.  I have not been good about taking pictures, but Mama Chris got a bunch for me earlier this month.  There are a bunch of them, but most are action shots and show a series of movements, etc.  There are a few of Kade's supporters, too!  Kade is #5.

Layton loves his i-Phones!  Not his really--he will borrow anyone's, though!

Kade is directly underneath the bucket (gray shirt).  The next three pictures go with this one.

Kade is great on defense.  Here he is all over the guy in blue at the post position.

Kade scrambling for the ball.

Layton can fill your cell phone up with 400+ pictures in no time at all.  That is no joke!


  1. I think b-ball is a great sport b/c it's INSIDE!! :) I wanted Morgan to play but we missed sign ups! Whoops! So, we're going to give softball a try!

  2. I found the china cabinet in Burk and the dresser outside of Holliday. I try to limit my search to closer to home. I am like you-there are TOO many neat things near the big city.