Sunday, February 28, 2010

What More Could a 7 Year Old Want?

When the boys spent the night with Nede over Valentine weekend she had Kade sleep on a heating pad due to his coughing.  It helped the coughing and Kade decided he needed a heating pad of his own.  He loved it!  (I don't guess we have ever used one here at our house.)  Nede gave him some Valentine money and told him where to buy a heating pad, but we never made it shopping.  A few days later Kade received a package in the mail--Nede had sent him a heating pad.  He was so excited!  He uses it almost nightly to relax and read on.  We have gotten a big kick out of Kade going crazy over a heating pad!

Batman the Bull Rider

Layton found a Beanie Baby type bull at my parents' house this past week.  He had me make a bull rope out of flagging tape and strap Batman to "Horns" (this is what he nicknamed the bull).  He later found a stuffed horse and had Clint build him a halter with a rein and a flank cinch.  He played rodeo all weekend!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Panther Pride Award

Kade's elementary school held their fourth academic pep rally this past Friday.  Kade received the Panther Pride Award from his classroom teacher.  It basically is just an all-around good student award.  Kade was also recognized for perfect attendance this past six weeks and for making the A-honor roll.  We are very proud of him!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Jam Session!

Layton recently discovered a toy guitar that he has had for at least two years. That just shows you how many toys that kid has. He is finding new ones at the bottom of his closet/toy box that are from two Christmases ago!

Well, he really likes to play, dance and sing with it. So, I snapped this video of him today. He didn't do much singing, but he definitely was dancing. He told me today, "Mama, I'm in a band with dudes."

We can't let one be any more musical than the other, so I quickly taught Kade how to play "I Dropped My Dolly in the Dirt" on the piano!

Enjoy the McAdams' concerts!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine Weekend

Sorry it has been awhile since I last posted.  We have been so busy!

The boys began their Valentine weekend by spending the night with Nede.  She helped them to build a snowman and, as you can see, allowed them to do whatever they wanted.  Thanks Nede for helping to spoil them rotten!

Look at all that stuff on the bed!  She let's them do whatever--sounds just like a great-grandmother!

On Saturday we all went to Sailor's first birthday party.  It was so much fun!  Dora the Explorer was there, in person.  Layton had a blast and Kade was a really good sport about participating, too.  Sailor is an absolute doll, as you can tell.

Layton having a good time on our "adventure"!

Kade & Dora

Layton was good at the limbo game!

Layton enjoyed Dora until he had to get near her.  Just like our Santa Claus pics, Mom has to be right there beside us!

The little birthday girl.

After Sailor's party we headed to Wichita Falls to take the boys to see a movie for Valentine's.  We went to see "The Tooth Fairy."  The boys liked it very much.  Layton informed us he wanted one of those costumes.  Luckily, he meant a hockey costume, not a fairy costume.

Kade in front of "The Tooth Fairy" poster.

We just got out of the movies.  The sun was bright and Layton couldn't see.

After the movie we went to Kade's last basketball game.  We may have made the final four, but won't know for awhile.  Kade and the team did a great job.  Kade is on the back row on your far right.

On Sunday, Valentine's Day, we took it easy.  We attended church and then came home.  Pa-Paw, Babers & Skye came over and brought the boys their Valentine goodies, plus some late Christmas presents from my aunt and cousins who didn't make it on Christmas Eve, because of the snow.

Valentine Love.  Clint snapped this picture of the boys during Children's Time on Sunday morning.  Layton kept his arm around Kade the entire time.  

Layton brushing Pa-Paw's hair.  (I don't know why this pic isn't clear)

One of the gifts that my aunt sent was this Star Wars helmet.  Layton played and played with it and then informed us that it was a hair dryer to fix Pa-Paw's hair.  We thought that was so funny that he came up with that!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Kade's Valentine Party

Kade had his school Valentine party on Friday, February 12.  He got a lot of sweet cards and treats!

Kade checking out his cards.

Kade's Valentine can he decorated on his own.

Snow Again

Well, it snowed again the night of Wednesday, February 10.  Here is what our farm market road looked like as we drove to school on Thursday morning.  We got out of school on Thursday at 1 and didn't start school on Friday until 10. 

I can't believe this is the only picture I took, but snow is getting to be a weekly thing around here!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Layton's Valentine Party

Layton had his first official school party yesterday.  It was, of course, his Valentine Party.  He had a great time!  He was so cute, because he wanted me by his side at all times (not for scared/embarrassment reasons, just because he wanted me right there with him looking at all his cards, etc.)

I love Layton's shirt.  It says "Love Monkey" (from The Children's Place).  If you look closely you will notice that he has a bandaid underneath his chin--he fell going up stairs and his sippy cup got him pretty good.

Checkin' out the goodies!

Clint's Birthday #2

Dennis and Chris came down this past weekend to bring Layton a big-boy bed and exchange some furniture with Clint's aunt, who also came to see us.  While they were here they watched Kade's PIP performance and went to his YBall game in WF.

They were not able to come last weekend due to weather so we celebrated Clint's birthday a second time with them.  Clint chose to go eat at Samurai of Tokyo (Japanese steakhouse).  We quickly let our waiter know that it was Clint's 32nd birthday, so of course, they embarrassed him by singing and having him wear a headpiece.  Kade wore one, too.

I can't believe how cloudy this picture is.  I guess all that grill cooking in there really does make it smoky!

Players in Progress

Kade participated in Players in Progress (PIPs) again this year.  They work on basketball skills and then perform a routine using the skills during half-time of the Varsity basketball games.  We had six performances this year.  The video below is a small part of Kade's last performance.

Kade is the child on the far left in the dribbling scene.  The scene will change shortly and he will be the little boy in front, with his back to you.