Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Clint's Birthday #2

Dennis and Chris came down this past weekend to bring Layton a big-boy bed and exchange some furniture with Clint's aunt, who also came to see us.  While they were here they watched Kade's PIP performance and went to his YBall game in WF.

They were not able to come last weekend due to weather so we celebrated Clint's birthday a second time with them.  Clint chose to go eat at Samurai of Tokyo (Japanese steakhouse).  We quickly let our waiter know that it was Clint's 32nd birthday, so of course, they embarrassed him by singing and having him wear a headpiece.  Kade wore one, too.

I can't believe how cloudy this picture is.  I guess all that grill cooking in there really does make it smoky!

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  1. Yum-our favorite! The chefs always put on such a great show when their are kiddos at the table.