Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bird Friend

We have a spiral evergreen at the end of our garage that we pass by at least 10 times a day. A bird of some sort has built a nest in it, however, and it now scares you senseless when you walk by it. She will take off out of the nest and usually hits me in the shoulder as she does so. I don't know why I do it, but I scream almost everytime! You would think I would learn to make a wide path around it, but I'm usually on a mission and not thinking about the crazy bird mother. Her eggs are beautiful, as you can see.

I'm kind of worried, though, because I have not met up with her in the past few days. She may be dead. Kade thinks we are going to raise the birds and doesn't understand that they won't hatch without her. If anyone has a surrogate bird mother, let us know!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Free Labor

This past week Clint and I worked outside all day one day on different projects. I have a little under three acres to mow and decided that it was time for Kade to start helping out on the riding lawn mower. Clint had to rig the mower, so that skinny Kade could keep it running! I think he tried mowing his name in the lawn a few times, but he helped cut down my mowing time by about an hour (it usually takes me about three to mow--that doesn't include weed eating). I plan to let him help out each time, so that he can get better and better. I don't think he will ever be good enough for my backyard--it has to be perfect. Now I know why my mom never let us mow her backyard--she would just let us mow the surrounding acreage.

Layton helped Clint fix a water leak on our property. I'm sure he was just in the way, but he had a blast in the mud. Kade ended up jumping in too before it was all fixed.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Beach Bums

Last week, July 14-July 18, we went to Corpus Christi for a family vacation. Personally, the beach/bay in Corpus Christi is not an ideal vacation to me (I'm more the Cozumel/Cancun type beach person). However, my boys wanted to go to the beach and I strive to please them, so Corpus is where we ended up. We also had to be in the area to help my mother-in-law, so it all worked out.

As soon as we arrived at our hotel the boys headed to the beach. They ran through the sea gulls and got all wet and sandy in the bay. Kade was a little apprehensive about the gulls, but Layton wanted to catch one.

We visited the Texas State Aquarium on the second day of our vacation. The boys love sea animals, so this was right up their alley. We saw an otter show, a dolphin show and a bird show. I even got to participate in the "High Flying" show where rescued birds showed off the tricks they had learned. Kade, especially, was thrilled that he had a "famous" mom. I was instructed to take a picture of the bird that was flying RIGHT at me, at a high rate of speed!

Here is the bird flying right at me!

I have an aunt that lives in Corpus Christi and she helped to coordinate our restaurant visits each night. I know I'm getting old, because I actually look forward to where we get to eat and what we get to eat! The first night we ate at Landry's--it was not any good. The second night we ate at the Water Street Seafood Company. It was awesome. We walked around afterwards and found the Executive Surf Club (a fun bar with an outdoor patio--they had live music and the decor was too cool), plus we walked on the beach with the boys.

Cool car outside of the Executive Surf Club. Layton was asleep, so he missed out on the picture.

The third day of our vacation we toured the U.S.S. Lexington, a WWII aircraft carrier. We all actually enjoyed it! It is a huge ship and the historical facts about it were amazing.

Kade "shooting" some type of gun.

There were several make-believe planes that the boys got in.

This looks like a mean team!

Clint and my dad walking down the flight deck. It was huge. One of the facts stated that three football games could be played simultaneously on the deck.

Kade standing by one of the planes on the flight deck.

Kade taking a pretend nap in a bunk that the sailors slept on.
Kade taking a turn at the wheel.

The boys convinced me to get in a make-believe plane.

We met my aunt for supper and then afterwards went to the beach. There was an ice cream truck at the beach and the boys bought ice cream (sherbet, actually). The ice cream truck was a first for the boys.

Here are two silly pics that I couldn't help but post.

Clint wrapped Layton up in a little hand towel at the hotel--you know the ones that are used as the bath mat. Layton loved it!
Clint, Kade and Layton acting funny outside of a restaurant in Port Aransas.

Once we left Corpus Christi we headed up to Schulenburg, where Clint's mom was. We stopped in Yoakum and the boys let me shop at the Double D Ranchwear outlet--it was fabulous. We then stopped at Shiner, Texas, and toured the Shiner Bock brewery. It was fun--Clint had the best time, of course!

Align Center

It is always nice to get away for a few days. We had a great time, as you can tell!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Rodeo Time!

The Seymour Old Settler's Rodeo & Reunion was this past weekend, July 9-11. Kade and Layton entered the Mutton Bustin' contest. They both rode on Friday evening and had a great time. This was Kade's first year and last year. The rules are 8 and under, as well as 50 pounds and under. Layton has two or three more years to ride, which he is already looking forward to. I have posted both pictures and a video of the boys riding their sheep.

Walking to the chutes with daddy.

Kade only rode a little over 2.6 seconds before his sheep fell with him. We were very proud of him, though, because this is really out of his comfort zone! He actually rode two steers on Wednesday night, when the rodeo association was bucking them out. Clint and I never in our wildest dreams would have thought he would get on a steer. So, next year he might be riding a steer!

Layton has been talking about riding his bucking sheep for months now, however, Clint and I didn't know if he would actually ride it once it came down to it. He did, though! He, of course, had to wear all the gear--a helmet, vest, chaps and boots. I don't think he could have held on if he wanted to! Clint held on to him until he was out of the chute, so at least he would make it into the arena. We tried to teach him the Lane Frost double wave, but when we asked him right before he went what he was going to do when he fell, he said, "I'm goin' to cuss." He was so mad at that sheep for buckin' him off in the dirt!

Layton and Kade both participated in the calf scramble, but as you can tell in this picture Layton was the most determined!
Kade and Ace rode in the parade on Saturday. Layton fell asleep right before the parade started, so he missed out.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 4th Weekend

We didn't really do anything exciting this July 4th. On Friday, July 3rd we went to Lake Kemp and watched the fireworks. They were put on by professionals, so it was a great show. I left my camera in the car, so I didn't get any pictures.

On Saturday, July 4th we went to my grandfather's for lunch. The boys swam and we had hot dogs for lunch. Layton, as you can tell, didn't swim much. He was into riding the play horse and pestering everyone with a water gun. The evening of the 4th we joined some friends at their house for a cookout. They are excellent cooks and the food is always wonderful!

On Sunday, July 5th we went with my parents to Possum Kingdom Lake. My aunt and uncle have a cabin there, so we went and spent the day. The boys played on the "beach" and fed the ducks. It was cloudy and kind of cool that day, so we didn't do much but let the boys play while we visited.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Soccer Uniforms

Aunt Sommer brought the boys in a surprise on June 26th--Personalized Adidas Soccer Uniforms! They are from a major league soccer team called FC Dallas, which is located in Dallas. The boys absolutely love their uniforms and would wear them everyday, if I would let them.

Ace, our Jack Russell Terrier, is quite the soccer player, too. I snapped a video (at the bottom of this post) this morning of Ace, Kade and Layton playing a game of soccer. I love to hear Layton laughing in the background (children's laughter is so special).