Monday, July 13, 2009

Rodeo Time!

The Seymour Old Settler's Rodeo & Reunion was this past weekend, July 9-11. Kade and Layton entered the Mutton Bustin' contest. They both rode on Friday evening and had a great time. This was Kade's first year and last year. The rules are 8 and under, as well as 50 pounds and under. Layton has two or three more years to ride, which he is already looking forward to. I have posted both pictures and a video of the boys riding their sheep.

Walking to the chutes with daddy.

Kade only rode a little over 2.6 seconds before his sheep fell with him. We were very proud of him, though, because this is really out of his comfort zone! He actually rode two steers on Wednesday night, when the rodeo association was bucking them out. Clint and I never in our wildest dreams would have thought he would get on a steer. So, next year he might be riding a steer!

Layton has been talking about riding his bucking sheep for months now, however, Clint and I didn't know if he would actually ride it once it came down to it. He did, though! He, of course, had to wear all the gear--a helmet, vest, chaps and boots. I don't think he could have held on if he wanted to! Clint held on to him until he was out of the chute, so at least he would make it into the arena. We tried to teach him the Lane Frost double wave, but when we asked him right before he went what he was going to do when he fell, he said, "I'm goin' to cuss." He was so mad at that sheep for buckin' him off in the dirt!

Layton and Kade both participated in the calf scramble, but as you can tell in this picture Layton was the most determined!
Kade and Ace rode in the parade on Saturday. Layton fell asleep right before the parade started, so he missed out.


  1. Your boys are sooo cute--and Layton gets that cussing from his daddy that is for sure!!