Monday, July 27, 2009

Free Labor

This past week Clint and I worked outside all day one day on different projects. I have a little under three acres to mow and decided that it was time for Kade to start helping out on the riding lawn mower. Clint had to rig the mower, so that skinny Kade could keep it running! I think he tried mowing his name in the lawn a few times, but he helped cut down my mowing time by about an hour (it usually takes me about three to mow--that doesn't include weed eating). I plan to let him help out each time, so that he can get better and better. I don't think he will ever be good enough for my backyard--it has to be perfect. Now I know why my mom never let us mow her backyard--she would just let us mow the surrounding acreage.

Layton helped Clint fix a water leak on our property. I'm sure he was just in the way, but he had a blast in the mud. Kade ended up jumping in too before it was all fixed.

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