Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Soccer Uniforms

Aunt Sommer brought the boys in a surprise on June 26th--Personalized Adidas Soccer Uniforms! They are from a major league soccer team called FC Dallas, which is located in Dallas. The boys absolutely love their uniforms and would wear them everyday, if I would let them.

Ace, our Jack Russell Terrier, is quite the soccer player, too. I snapped a video (at the bottom of this post) this morning of Ace, Kade and Layton playing a game of soccer. I love to hear Layton laughing in the background (children's laughter is so special).


  1. Adorable uniforms and I especially love the shot of the back of the shirts-cute poses. You should send the video of Ace into America's Funniest Home Videos.

  2. WOW! What an awesome soccer playing dog! Good exercise for you boys... maybe I should come play with them! So cute!