Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

I try my best each year to have our pictures made in the fall so that I have pictures to give as Christmas gifts.  Last year we did not have time to get them taken and I was afraid we might fall into that slump, since our lives are only getting busier and busier.  We found the time one Sunday afternoon this month, though, and a local lady came out to our home and snapped a few for us.  Nothing real professional, but loved how they turned out.  We even saw a huge bob cat walking across the wheat field as we were taking pictures!  Here are a few (or a lot) of my favorites!

4-H Food Challenge & Nutrition Quiz Bowl

Kade participated in the district 4-H Food Challenge on October 30.  This was his first year to try this event out.  From a set of predetermined ingredients provided, teams of three to five 4-H members develop a recipe and prepare the dish within 40 minutes.  Teams then make a presentation to a judging panel, explaning the preparation steps, serving size, food safety concerns, nutrition value and cost of the dish.  Kade's team placed 4th out of quite a few teams.  They had ingredients for a spaghetti type meal, but then an avocado was thrown in, which really confused them!  He had a great time, though.  The competition is like those you see on the Food Network.

Kade is second from your left.

On November 14, Kade participated in the district 4-H Food & Nutrition Quiz Bowl.  He did this last year and had a blast.  You get to use buzzers and the competition is really on!  His team (four boys) placed 4th out of 20+ teams.  Last year they got 3rd, so he was bummed, but the leaders were super proud.

Kade is second from your left.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Halloween 2012

We went trick-or-treating as a zombie and an old wizard this year!

Skippyjon Jones

Our elementary school had a pumpkin decorating contest during the week of Halloween.  Students were asked to decorate a pumpkin that represented their favorite book character.  It was completely optional, but I sure didn't think the librarian's son needed to go to school without a book character pumpkin.  Thankfully, Clint is super creative and helped Layton create Skippyjon Jones.  For those that don't know Skippyjon, he is a Siamese cat that thinks he is a Chihuahua.

There were a lot of pumpkin characters turned in (Pre-K thru 4th grade).  They picked four per class to receive an award.  Layton was one of four in Kindergarten, so we were super excited!  He made the local newspaper, too.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Professional Ring Bearer

Layton was in his second wedding in three months in October!  We are teasing him that he is a professional ring bearer.  Kade is thinking about becoming his manager and "renting" him out.  He thinks he can be a ring bearer for a few more years, then a groomsman and can probably usher until his 60s or so!

We were so honored that Colin & Lauren Barrett asked Layton to be in their wedding.  We think the world of them and thoroughly enjoyed their beautiful wedding weekend.

Goat Jackpots

Kade is showing goats, rabbits and heifers this year in 4-H.  We have traveled to three goat jackpots this fall and have had a lot of fun.  Kade has two nice goats this year and has won his entry fees back at each show.  He recently also won junior showmanship at a jackpot, so we were super excited about that!

Kade is in the middle.

Kade has the read pullover on.