Sunday, January 31, 2010

Valentine Craft

On Saturday morning I let the boys make Hugs & Kisses Jars to give as Valentine gifts.  I got the idea from this blog,  The boys did a great job, but after one jar each, the creative/excitement level fell fast!

Layton has his pirate treasure chest out, while Kade is hard at it.

Kade & Layton's Hugs & Kisses Jars
The jars are filled with Teddy Grahams (bears) and Hershey Kisses.

This was the cutest, in my opinion.  You can't see it very well, but Kade made a flower out of hearts on the front of the jar.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Clint!

Today was Clint's 32nd birthday! We celebrated with a delicious lasagna that Baber's made us and a strawberry cake. Clint requests a strawberry flavored cake almost every year. Layton helped me make the cake this year and was so proud of himself! We had fun opening gifts and laughing at the boys (they both provided/made their own gift for Clint).

Notice the candle on the cake, a "3". Layton insisted on this special candle.

This is our second go at singing "Happy Birthday"--the reason Kade is not singing.  We had to get Layton on camera, because he was singing his own version.  He, of course, didn't perform on camera!  Notice he tells Clint not to blow out the candle, he will do it for him.

Layton gave Clint a truck and a trailer, plus a football (all from his room, of course). He was so excited, though. He "wrapped" it himself in the Scooby Doo sack. He ran out and told Clint what he got him, as soon as Clint pulled up to the house this evening.

Kade painted this beautiful picture for Clint. The first mailbox has "McAdams" written on it.

As you can see, the boys loved the bubble wrap that I had Kade's picture wrapped in.

Clint also received an attachment for his Jawhorse and an Iron Man watch that he has been wanting, plus several other gifts from other family members. Happy birthday, Clint!

Surprise in the Fridge!

Layton, the little toot, thought it would be so funny if he put his Zhu Zhu (small, pretend hamster) in the refrigerator to try and scare someone.  Of course, it was more funny than scary, but we all pretended to be extremely frightened.  He loved it and would just giggle and laugh!

You can see him back there by the biscuits!

Kites, Livestock Waterers & B-Ball

We had a fun filled weekend. On Friday after school Layton wanted to fly a kite he found in the garage. It was a plastic cheap-o, so I went in and pulled out Kade's Pirate Kite. I could not get it to fly, so Clint tried to do it. He couldn't get the job done, either, so we resorted to flying a kite the "redneck" way. While we flew the kite, we also went and checked out the water level in one of the new livestock waterers. They are huge! The water is also crystal clear right now, so they are kind of pretty! Skye came and spent the night and that rounded out our Friday.

On Saturday we did several things around the house and then headed to WF to watch Kade play basketball at the YMCA. He did a great job and even scored his first two points. After he made the basket a time-out was called and he was just crying (big tears, sobbing) away on the bench. His coach looked over at me laughing and yelled out that he said he was crying tears of joy! He ended up scoring four total points. All the kids did a great job. After the game we ate at The Jalapeno Tree with Babers, Pa-Paw, Skye and Nede.

Clint trying to show the boys how it's done!

The "redneck" way to fly a kite--use the Polaris Ranger!

Way up there!

Livestock Waterer. They are so big--you can make out Layton in the far, right corner.

I received a new camera for Christmas and this is the very first video I have tried. Please don't listen to my "hick" voice, plus I was trying to be silly (I promise)!

Is it Ace Ventura Pet Detective?  No, it's just Kade after getting out of bed on Sat. morning.

I didn't get a pic of Kade scoring his first two points, but as you can tell he played great defense again this game.

Kade & Layton at The Jalapeno Tree

Nede, Layton & Kade

Monday, January 18, 2010

Time with Mama Chris

Clint's mom, Mama Chris, came and spent the weekend with us.  She arrived on Thursday night so that she could keep Layton all day Friday and have lunch with Kade at school.  Kade loved showing her off and introducing her to all his friends at school.

On Friday night we all went and watched Kade perform his PIPs performance at the varsity basketball game.  He did a great job and we got to watch two exciting ballgames.

Saturday we hung out at the house and then went to watch Kade play a YBall basketball game.  He is getting better each time he plays!  He gave us several laughs on defense--he is a maniac (there is no way his man will ever get the ball)!  We then all went to eat at the Olive Garden with Babers & Pa-Paw.

Mama Chris had to leave on Sunday about the time we left for church, but we were so thankful for her visit and the great time we had together.  The boys always love it when she comes down!

Here are several shots from our fun-filled weekend.

Mama Chris helped Layton make some cinnamon rolls from leftover dough.  She made Clint a breakfast casserole from the main batch of dough.  As you can tell, he was super excited about baking!

We always watch a few movies when Mama Chris comes down.  Here they are getting ready to watch a movie.

Kade stole the ball and is dribbling to the basket (a little out of control, it looks like).

Going up for the shot (it didn't go in, but we are working hard on that)!

Jumping to catch a pass.

Defense Wins Ballgames!

Defensive Maniac!

There are hardly any seats at the YMCA where we play, so this is how Clint and I watched the game.  Layton wore his Romo jersey two days in a row (I did wash it)!  He was all into football, but now that the Dallas Cowboys lost, he hasn't asked to wear it once.

I never get my picture taken.  Thank you, Chris!

Sunday morning, before Mama Chris had to leave.

Friday, January 8, 2010

You Can Buy Anything At Wal-Mart!

A week or so ago, Layton asked where I got him.  I jokingly said Wal-Mart, because he always tells me that we will have to get more (crackers, toys, whatever..) at Wal-Mart in Wichita Falls.  I, of course, explained to him, that he was a gift from God to me and daddy and that he and Kade are the greatest gifts ever.

Well, this Wal-Mart joke kind of came back to bite me at the sitter's on Wednesday.  When the boys and I were headed out the door they were fussing and arguing with each other.  The sitter, Rosemary, was walking to the door with us and Kade made the comment to her that he likes to see Layton get bustings.  She jokingly/lovingly told him that wasn't nice to say, because Layton was his one and only brother and would be his best friend one day.  She told Kade that God especially picked Layton out for Kade, because he knew Kade would be the best big brother for Layton.  Well, I didn't think Layton was listening, because he was a little ways ahead of us, but he heard the part about him being a gift from God and he came back to Rosemary and told her, "She bought me at Wal-Mart."  We all got a good laugh out of that.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Layton's First Day of Preschool

I had intended not to put Layton in preschool until next year.  He will go next year and the year after, because of his August birthday (I plan to hold him back, so he will be the oldest in his class and not the youngest).  However, there is another little boy at the sitter's who goes to preschool and Layton thinks he needs to, also.  Layton doesn't care one bit about learning his colors, letters, etc., but in order to convince me to send him he has promised me that he will learn all of these things!  He was so excited this morning when I took him, as you can tell from the pictures.

A little shy at first,

but he quickly showed his excitement and was ready to learn!

I didn't get to pick him up from preschool, but got a report from him when I got to the sitter's.  He had fun and he told me, "I learned my name."  Here is his work below (a mitten and practicing the letter L).  He says he wants to go back next week, so maybe we are on the learning highway!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Planet 51

On New Year's Day my mom and I took the boys to see Planet 51.  It has been forever since I went to the movies, so I had just as much fun as they did!  The movie is really cute and I highly recommend it.

Happy New Year to you and your family.  We wish you a wonderful 2010!

Cowboy Spiderman's Burning Feet

If you read this blog regularly, you know that Layton loves to change clothes often throughout the day.  He is really into dressing up in costumes, too, as I've mentioned before.  On Wednesday, December 30, the boys played outside a lot, therefore, Layton changed a lot!

Here Layton is in his soccer uniform.  Notice he has his shirt on backwards (does it every time and won't turn it around).  Bandaids on feet, explained below.

Layton had just come in from playing in the snow (I promise, he did have pants, boots, socks and a coat on) and said that his feet were cut and he needed bandaids.  He is a pro at bandaids, so he obtained them all by himself and put them on his feet (which were stinging, because the snow/water had soaked through his boots and caused his feet to get really cold).

Later on in the evening he was Spiderman and Frontier Cowboy all at the same time.  He played so hard, though, that he finally just laid down and went to sleep!

It's Snowing Again & Living Room Campout

It snowed again on Monday, December 28!  This weather is just crazy.  The snow didn't stick this time, so our snow drifts didn't get any higher.  It was beautiful to watch, though (huge snowflakes).

The boys were walking to the shop to help Clint (he needed Kade to help him measure some pipe).  I thought this was such a cute picture, because Kade is being so sweet and holding Layton's hand, plus you can kind of make out the snow.

The boys received personalized sleeping bags from my parents for Christmas and were anxious to use them.  So, they decided to sleep in the living room on Monday night and have a campout.  The movie Parent Trap was on and Layton would not go to sleep until it was over, which was a little after midnight.  He insisted that I stay up with him to watch it, too.  I kept telling him, "Layton we have to go to sleep."  He would tell me, "Wait a minute, it's almost over."  Just like a man--love that tv!