Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cowboy Spiderman's Burning Feet

If you read this blog regularly, you know that Layton loves to change clothes often throughout the day.  He is really into dressing up in costumes, too, as I've mentioned before.  On Wednesday, December 30, the boys played outside a lot, therefore, Layton changed a lot!

Here Layton is in his soccer uniform.  Notice he has his shirt on backwards (does it every time and won't turn it around).  Bandaids on feet, explained below.

Layton had just come in from playing in the snow (I promise, he did have pants, boots, socks and a coat on) and said that his feet were cut and he needed bandaids.  He is a pro at bandaids, so he obtained them all by himself and put them on his feet (which were stinging, because the snow/water had soaked through his boots and caused his feet to get really cold).

Later on in the evening he was Spiderman and Frontier Cowboy all at the same time.  He played so hard, though, that he finally just laid down and went to sleep!

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