Monday, January 18, 2010

Time with Mama Chris

Clint's mom, Mama Chris, came and spent the weekend with us.  She arrived on Thursday night so that she could keep Layton all day Friday and have lunch with Kade at school.  Kade loved showing her off and introducing her to all his friends at school.

On Friday night we all went and watched Kade perform his PIPs performance at the varsity basketball game.  He did a great job and we got to watch two exciting ballgames.

Saturday we hung out at the house and then went to watch Kade play a YBall basketball game.  He is getting better each time he plays!  He gave us several laughs on defense--he is a maniac (there is no way his man will ever get the ball)!  We then all went to eat at the Olive Garden with Babers & Pa-Paw.

Mama Chris had to leave on Sunday about the time we left for church, but we were so thankful for her visit and the great time we had together.  The boys always love it when she comes down!

Here are several shots from our fun-filled weekend.

Mama Chris helped Layton make some cinnamon rolls from leftover dough.  She made Clint a breakfast casserole from the main batch of dough.  As you can tell, he was super excited about baking!

We always watch a few movies when Mama Chris comes down.  Here they are getting ready to watch a movie.

Kade stole the ball and is dribbling to the basket (a little out of control, it looks like).

Going up for the shot (it didn't go in, but we are working hard on that)!

Jumping to catch a pass.

Defense Wins Ballgames!

Defensive Maniac!

There are hardly any seats at the YMCA where we play, so this is how Clint and I watched the game.  Layton wore his Romo jersey two days in a row (I did wash it)!  He was all into football, but now that the Dallas Cowboys lost, he hasn't asked to wear it once.

I never get my picture taken.  Thank you, Chris!

Sunday morning, before Mama Chris had to leave.

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  1. Looks like y'all had fun with Mama Chris! I love the bball pics and the picture of YOU! ;)