Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Clint!

Today was Clint's 32nd birthday! We celebrated with a delicious lasagna that Baber's made us and a strawberry cake. Clint requests a strawberry flavored cake almost every year. Layton helped me make the cake this year and was so proud of himself! We had fun opening gifts and laughing at the boys (they both provided/made their own gift for Clint).

Notice the candle on the cake, a "3". Layton insisted on this special candle.

This is our second go at singing "Happy Birthday"--the reason Kade is not singing.  We had to get Layton on camera, because he was singing his own version.  He, of course, didn't perform on camera!  Notice he tells Clint not to blow out the candle, he will do it for him.

Layton gave Clint a truck and a trailer, plus a football (all from his room, of course). He was so excited, though. He "wrapped" it himself in the Scooby Doo sack. He ran out and told Clint what he got him, as soon as Clint pulled up to the house this evening.

Kade painted this beautiful picture for Clint. The first mailbox has "McAdams" written on it.

As you can see, the boys loved the bubble wrap that I had Kade's picture wrapped in.

Clint also received an attachment for his Jawhorse and an Iron Man watch that he has been wanting, plus several other gifts from other family members. Happy birthday, Clint!


  1. Sunday-that painting is great-you have a little artist-I can not even paint a stick figure!

  2. Love that mailbox painting! My parents received the exact same picture(years ago) except the mailbox says Niell. It must be a Mrs. Jones art project. Love it!!