Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's Snowing Again & Living Room Campout

It snowed again on Monday, December 28!  This weather is just crazy.  The snow didn't stick this time, so our snow drifts didn't get any higher.  It was beautiful to watch, though (huge snowflakes).

The boys were walking to the shop to help Clint (he needed Kade to help him measure some pipe).  I thought this was such a cute picture, because Kade is being so sweet and holding Layton's hand, plus you can kind of make out the snow.

The boys received personalized sleeping bags from my parents for Christmas and were anxious to use them.  So, they decided to sleep in the living room on Monday night and have a campout.  The movie Parent Trap was on and Layton would not go to sleep until it was over, which was a little after midnight.  He insisted that I stay up with him to watch it, too.  I kept telling him, "Layton we have to go to sleep."  He would tell me, "Wait a minute, it's almost over."  Just like a man--love that tv!

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