Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our Weekend

Kade on Cinco

Layton on Old Gray, Sunday and Kade


Clint and Kade

Ace--he loved going with us.

Wild Pigs

Clint and boys rounding the horses up before we rode.

We had a busy weekend around here. On Saturday Clint and I put Kilz on all of the sheetrock on the second story. It is old and yellow, so we knew it would eventually bleed through if we didn't. It took us all day. My dad came and got the boys early Saturday morning and kept them all by himself. My mom was a hostess for a baby shower and was away most of the day. I was nervous about it because I'm trying to potty train Layton and had him in underwear. He went all day Friday in undies without an accident, so I didn't want to break the cycle and put a pull up on him. My dad and Layton did great, though--no accidents. After Clint and I finished late Sat. night we cleaned up and ate at a local restaurant then met my mom with the boys.

On Sunday we got up and went to church then came home and picked up the house. Clint and I put a brisket on (a beer recipe we found on and then he went to ride four wheelers with friends. I caught up on this blog and my ebay items while he was away. The boys played with a handheld radio my mom gave Kade--they were just dancing away. Once Clint returned we saddled horses and we ALL rode in the wheat field and then along the river fence. Everyone did great and we had a great time. We saw lots of wildlife on our ride--wild hogs, armadillo, turkey and deer. I thought the armadillo was going to get us bucked off, because the dogs were chasing him all around us and the horses were dancing! Along the river fence it is very brushy, so the boys had to learn fast to duck if they didn't want to get scraped up. Layton figured it out on the second tree--the first one got him pretty good on the ear--blood and all! He cowboyed up, though, and after a few tears was ready to go again. Layton's old horse shakes a lot and it is so funny to see his eyes get as big as half dollars when he does this--he just holds on and grins, though!

Kade is always saying the funniest things, so I'm going to try to post a few of our conversations.
*When we saw the turkey it was running pretty fast ahead of us. Kade (in a major hick voice) said it looked just like a girl on roller skates scooting along.
*When we were having dinner this evening (chopped brisket sandwich--very good) he was telling all of us about a shark, called a doctor shark, that ate it's baby when the young one was 4 or 10. Clint finally asked him if he meant nurse shark and he cracked up laughing after he figured out what he said. Clint also asked him if he knew why the shark ate her young. Kade, of course, didn't know, so Clint commenced to telling him it was because the baby talked back and didn't listen to her.

We had a great weekend and look forward to next weekend. We hope to start riding horses more often--maybe every weekend. Only 9 more weeks until summer vacation!!!

Kade's 7th Birthday

Layton & Ace at Kade's birthday party. (this pic is out of order!)

Birthday Boy Kade blowing out candle at breakfast on banana bread.

Kade opening Wii.

Clint and Kade at Chuck E. Cheese

Layton at Chuck E. Cheese.

Layton riding his scooter between my grandpa's legs! PaPaw is very limber!

Babers playing the Wii--bowling.

Kade & Layton

Harley, Babe & Linda

Kade Andrew turned 7 on March 20th. I absolutely can not believe he is seven years old. It makes me so sad--I don't want him to grow up this fast! I couldn't be prouder of him, though. He is a very sweet, considerate young man, who I'm proud to call my son. I hope this description still fits during his teenage years and then again once he becomes an adult.

Skye came and spent the night with us on the 19th, so she could give him the gift she, Sommer and my parents got him--a Nintendo Wii--on the morning of the 20th. He had been asking for one for awhile, so he was so excited. We then went to Chuck E. Cheese and had a great time. He had a family birthday party on Sunday, March 22nd. Unfortunately, all of our cousins were sick, so we didn't have many in attendance, but we still had a good time. We played the Wii, ate cake and opened presents. He wanted a safari theme for his party.

Spring Break

Layton fishing at the river.

Kade & Pa-Paw with the catch.

My husband is so sweet & loves my decorating projects! I'm so thankful that he is extremely handy.

Taping & Bedding.

Isn't this beautiful?!

The birthday boy at Chuck E. Cheese.

Layton loved this Bob the Builder bulldozer. He stayed on it forever and eventually learned how to put his own coins in and operate it all by himself.

This is the first spring break in a long time where we just stayed home for the week. We had thought about going snow skiing with Clint's brother and family, but eventually decided that it would be nice to stay home, get some stuff done, and just relax (we had been going a lot prior to spring break). Clint and I went ahead and started a remodeling project (we usually only do these in the summer). I wanted to start now so that we might be done by June 1 and I could enjoy my summer decorating, not waiting on him or other handymen to finish up! Our upstairs is completely a master suite. I love it, but it is extremely outdated and needs an overhaul. There is a large living room, large bedroom, large bathroom and a deck. The living room and bedroom wall's were covered in a slick paneling, that I hated. So, we ripped it off and are in the process of having it taped and bedded. The bathroom had wallpaper and two bathtubs, but no shower. So we ripped the paper down and jerked out the jacuzzi tub. We are putting a huge shower back in it's place--I can't wait. Hopefully, we will have the walls textured this week and the shower will be put in the week of April 6. We are living in chaos and it is getting a little crazy! I'll be sure and post more pics along the remodeling path.

Here is what our week consisted of:

Friday night--rip out paneling upstairs and jacuzzi tub

Saturday--birthday party at Jump for Joy
Sunday--church & more tearing out paneling and demolishing our second story


Tuesday--boys went fishing with Babers & Pa-Paw

Wednesday--the boys and I went to Stephenville to see Skye

Thursday--clean house

Friday--went to Chuck E. Cheese for Kade's birthday

Saturday--Clint installed lighting all day at my parents' house

Sunday--church & Kade's birthday party

Even though we didn't do a lot, we were of course exhausted by Friday and totally off schedule when Monday rolled back around.

Friday, March 20, 2009

South Texas Wedding

Clint, Layton, Nana Jean & Kade in Schulenburg.

Goliad's park. They had a huge play structure that reminded you of a castle.

Haven, Kade & Layton at The Goliad Park

Grandma Dixie, Layton, Kade & Clint at Presidi0 La Bahia in Goliad, TX

Kendal & Layton at wedding reception

Kendal lifting Kade up so that he has a chance to catch the garter

Kade dancing with the ladies.

The weekend of March 6th we all took off (Kade went to school until 9:30) and went to Clint's cousin's wedding in Goliad, Texas. Clint's mom and dad are both from the Houston area, so we were able to see a lot of their family while down that way. It was neat, because some of them had never met Layton. It's kind of sad that we wait that long to see each other--he will be 3 in August. Our first family stop was on Friday in Schulenburg, TX. We saw Clint's maternal grandmother, Nana Jean. She is a very funny lady & we always enjoy getting to see her. Our highlight of that visit was she massaged all of us with her "Massage Wand"! We then drove on to Goliad and spent the night both Friday and Saturday. On Saturday morning I took the boys and their second cousin, Haven, to the local park to play. They had an awesome play structure. The wedding was at Presidio La Bahia, an old mission/fort. It was very neat. The reception/dance was in town and was a lot of fun. We figured out quickly that Kade is going to be a ladies' man. I counted four girls dancing with him one time. They were lined up to dance with him after that! Even though the drive was long, 7 1/2 hours non-stop, one way, we had a great time and were thankful to see all of Clint's family.