Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kade's 7th Birthday

Layton & Ace at Kade's birthday party. (this pic is out of order!)

Birthday Boy Kade blowing out candle at breakfast on banana bread.

Kade opening Wii.

Clint and Kade at Chuck E. Cheese

Layton at Chuck E. Cheese.

Layton riding his scooter between my grandpa's legs! PaPaw is very limber!

Babers playing the Wii--bowling.

Kade & Layton

Harley, Babe & Linda

Kade Andrew turned 7 on March 20th. I absolutely can not believe he is seven years old. It makes me so sad--I don't want him to grow up this fast! I couldn't be prouder of him, though. He is a very sweet, considerate young man, who I'm proud to call my son. I hope this description still fits during his teenage years and then again once he becomes an adult.

Skye came and spent the night with us on the 19th, so she could give him the gift she, Sommer and my parents got him--a Nintendo Wii--on the morning of the 20th. He had been asking for one for awhile, so he was so excited. We then went to Chuck E. Cheese and had a great time. He had a family birthday party on Sunday, March 22nd. Unfortunately, all of our cousins were sick, so we didn't have many in attendance, but we still had a good time. We played the Wii, ate cake and opened presents. He wanted a safari theme for his party.

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