Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our Weekend

Kade on Cinco

Layton on Old Gray, Sunday and Kade


Clint and Kade

Ace--he loved going with us.

Wild Pigs

Clint and boys rounding the horses up before we rode.

We had a busy weekend around here. On Saturday Clint and I put Kilz on all of the sheetrock on the second story. It is old and yellow, so we knew it would eventually bleed through if we didn't. It took us all day. My dad came and got the boys early Saturday morning and kept them all by himself. My mom was a hostess for a baby shower and was away most of the day. I was nervous about it because I'm trying to potty train Layton and had him in underwear. He went all day Friday in undies without an accident, so I didn't want to break the cycle and put a pull up on him. My dad and Layton did great, though--no accidents. After Clint and I finished late Sat. night we cleaned up and ate at a local restaurant then met my mom with the boys.

On Sunday we got up and went to church then came home and picked up the house. Clint and I put a brisket on (a beer recipe we found on and then he went to ride four wheelers with friends. I caught up on this blog and my ebay items while he was away. The boys played with a handheld radio my mom gave Kade--they were just dancing away. Once Clint returned we saddled horses and we ALL rode in the wheat field and then along the river fence. Everyone did great and we had a great time. We saw lots of wildlife on our ride--wild hogs, armadillo, turkey and deer. I thought the armadillo was going to get us bucked off, because the dogs were chasing him all around us and the horses were dancing! Along the river fence it is very brushy, so the boys had to learn fast to duck if they didn't want to get scraped up. Layton figured it out on the second tree--the first one got him pretty good on the ear--blood and all! He cowboyed up, though, and after a few tears was ready to go again. Layton's old horse shakes a lot and it is so funny to see his eyes get as big as half dollars when he does this--he just holds on and grins, though!

Kade is always saying the funniest things, so I'm going to try to post a few of our conversations.
*When we saw the turkey it was running pretty fast ahead of us. Kade (in a major hick voice) said it looked just like a girl on roller skates scooting along.
*When we were having dinner this evening (chopped brisket sandwich--very good) he was telling all of us about a shark, called a doctor shark, that ate it's baby when the young one was 4 or 10. Clint finally asked him if he meant nurse shark and he cracked up laughing after he figured out what he said. Clint also asked him if he knew why the shark ate her young. Kade, of course, didn't know, so Clint commenced to telling him it was because the baby talked back and didn't listen to her.

We had a great weekend and look forward to next weekend. We hope to start riding horses more often--maybe every weekend. Only 9 more weeks until summer vacation!!!


  1. Can't wait for summer vacation either! Yeah for Layton and your Dad too!

  2. Yes, I am up and running, but this is very addicting. I don't want to have to do everything in steps I want to just get everything perfect now! I hope my grandparents enjoy it and Lyndon when he's older. Check out Pretty Organized Palace on my 'Blogs I Follow' I can't wait to see her kitchen when it's finished, and I LOVE her ceiling-talk about a lot of work though.