Friday, March 20, 2009

South Texas Wedding

Clint, Layton, Nana Jean & Kade in Schulenburg.

Goliad's park. They had a huge play structure that reminded you of a castle.

Haven, Kade & Layton at The Goliad Park

Grandma Dixie, Layton, Kade & Clint at Presidi0 La Bahia in Goliad, TX

Kendal & Layton at wedding reception

Kendal lifting Kade up so that he has a chance to catch the garter

Kade dancing with the ladies.

The weekend of March 6th we all took off (Kade went to school until 9:30) and went to Clint's cousin's wedding in Goliad, Texas. Clint's mom and dad are both from the Houston area, so we were able to see a lot of their family while down that way. It was neat, because some of them had never met Layton. It's kind of sad that we wait that long to see each other--he will be 3 in August. Our first family stop was on Friday in Schulenburg, TX. We saw Clint's maternal grandmother, Nana Jean. She is a very funny lady & we always enjoy getting to see her. Our highlight of that visit was she massaged all of us with her "Massage Wand"! We then drove on to Goliad and spent the night both Friday and Saturday. On Saturday morning I took the boys and their second cousin, Haven, to the local park to play. They had an awesome play structure. The wedding was at Presidio La Bahia, an old mission/fort. It was very neat. The reception/dance was in town and was a lot of fun. We figured out quickly that Kade is going to be a ladies' man. I counted four girls dancing with him one time. They were lined up to dance with him after that! Even though the drive was long, 7 1/2 hours non-stop, one way, we had a great time and were thankful to see all of Clint's family.

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