Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baylor County Jr. Livestock Show 2013

Kade had a barn full of animals this year!  Most of them came to live with us around August, so we have put a lot of time in feeding and working with the animals, not to mention money!  Kade had two goats and two heifers, plus we got four rabbits 30 days before the show.

We traveled to four goat jackpots this year, which was a lot of fun.  Kade was able to practice his showmanship skills, plus it gave us an idea of where our animals stood in comparison to others.  We also met a lot of nice people at each jackpot that were willing to help us "newbies" out.  He won his first buckle at one of the jackpots for Grand Champion Goat.  We were ecstatic, plus it is beautiful!  Now, he doesn't have to wear his Daddy's buckles from the 80's and 90's, he has his own.

At the county show, which was held January 10-12, he made a showing.  I work Kade (and his animals) hard from August-January, so I'm always hoping that it will all come full circle and he and his brother can see for themselves that hard work really does pay off.  It all worked out for us this year.  I dread the lesson that's coming one year though....you don't always come out on top, even though you give it 110%.  That's just life though!  

The rabbit show was first.  We didn't do so well, didn't even make the sale.  Kade and Layton love the rabbits, though, so it was all worth it.  Those rabbits were the only way I could get them to the barn some days!

The goat show was next.  This is the event I feel most comfortable with, because I know a LITTLE bit about it.  Kade's goats were in different weight classes, so he was able to show them both.  His doe ended up first in her class and his wether came in second in his class.  The doe came back to win Grand Champion overall.  Kade was also awarded 1st place in the Jr. Goat Showmanship, which is my favorite event.  Due to his high placings, he also won the Overall High Point Goat Buckle.  

The heifer show was the following day.  This was our first year to show heifers--my goodness they eat a lot and take a lot of work!  It was fun, though, and neat to work with such a large animal.  Kade showed a Black Simmental named Dixie and a Red Angus named Lucy.  They were both in the same class, because of their birth dates.  Lucy ended up first and Dixie came in second.  Lucy came back to win Reserve Grand Champion Heifer.  Kade also got second in the Jr. Heifer Showmanship, which was wonderful for his first year to show!

To top the show off Kade was awarded the Overall High Point Jr. Showmanship Ronnie Slaggle Memorial Buckle.  This is a huge honor and it is a beautiful buckle.  Clint and I were so proud for Kade.

The premium sale worked out great for Kade too thanks to the grandparents!  Papa Steve bought his goat and Babers, Pa-Paw and White Hair Pa-Paw bought his heifer.

Kade also received a "Blue Award" in the photography contest.  He took a closeup of a buck and titled the picture "Buck Fever."

Here are a few pics of the B.C.J.L.S 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas 2012

We had a wonderful, snowy Christmas and holiday break from school.  We enjoyed 2012 and are looking forward to great things in 2013!

Layton had his first school party, which was fun to attend and see how he acts and interacts!

Making a Christmas tree from an ice cream cone, icing and M&Ms.  We have a wonderful room mother (Laci Reed)!

 Parents send a $5 gift for their child to open.  Layton really wanted a watch.  Here he is opening the package.

Here is his reaction!

Chiristmas morning.

Snow came on Christmas day and lasted for several thereafter.  This was the 26th when we finally got out and played in the white stuff.