Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break

Layton fishing at the river.

Kade & Pa-Paw with the catch.

My husband is so sweet & loves my decorating projects! I'm so thankful that he is extremely handy.

Taping & Bedding.

Isn't this beautiful?!

The birthday boy at Chuck E. Cheese.

Layton loved this Bob the Builder bulldozer. He stayed on it forever and eventually learned how to put his own coins in and operate it all by himself.

This is the first spring break in a long time where we just stayed home for the week. We had thought about going snow skiing with Clint's brother and family, but eventually decided that it would be nice to stay home, get some stuff done, and just relax (we had been going a lot prior to spring break). Clint and I went ahead and started a remodeling project (we usually only do these in the summer). I wanted to start now so that we might be done by June 1 and I could enjoy my summer decorating, not waiting on him or other handymen to finish up! Our upstairs is completely a master suite. I love it, but it is extremely outdated and needs an overhaul. There is a large living room, large bedroom, large bathroom and a deck. The living room and bedroom wall's were covered in a slick paneling, that I hated. So, we ripped it off and are in the process of having it taped and bedded. The bathroom had wallpaper and two bathtubs, but no shower. So we ripped the paper down and jerked out the jacuzzi tub. We are putting a huge shower back in it's place--I can't wait. Hopefully, we will have the walls textured this week and the shower will be put in the week of April 6. We are living in chaos and it is getting a little crazy! I'll be sure and post more pics along the remodeling path.

Here is what our week consisted of:

Friday night--rip out paneling upstairs and jacuzzi tub

Saturday--birthday party at Jump for Joy
Sunday--church & more tearing out paneling and demolishing our second story


Tuesday--boys went fishing with Babers & Pa-Paw

Wednesday--the boys and I went to Stephenville to see Skye

Thursday--clean house

Friday--went to Chuck E. Cheese for Kade's birthday

Saturday--Clint installed lighting all day at my parents' house

Sunday--church & Kade's birthday party

Even though we didn't do a lot, we were of course exhausted by Friday and totally off schedule when Monday rolled back around.

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