Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kites, Livestock Waterers & B-Ball

We had a fun filled weekend. On Friday after school Layton wanted to fly a kite he found in the garage. It was a plastic cheap-o, so I went in and pulled out Kade's Pirate Kite. I could not get it to fly, so Clint tried to do it. He couldn't get the job done, either, so we resorted to flying a kite the "redneck" way. While we flew the kite, we also went and checked out the water level in one of the new livestock waterers. They are huge! The water is also crystal clear right now, so they are kind of pretty! Skye came and spent the night and that rounded out our Friday.

On Saturday we did several things around the house and then headed to WF to watch Kade play basketball at the YMCA. He did a great job and even scored his first two points. After he made the basket a time-out was called and he was just crying (big tears, sobbing) away on the bench. His coach looked over at me laughing and yelled out that he said he was crying tears of joy! He ended up scoring four total points. All the kids did a great job. After the game we ate at The Jalapeno Tree with Babers, Pa-Paw, Skye and Nede.

Clint trying to show the boys how it's done!

The "redneck" way to fly a kite--use the Polaris Ranger!

Way up there!

Livestock Waterer. They are so big--you can make out Layton in the far, right corner.

I received a new camera for Christmas and this is the very first video I have tried. Please don't listen to my "hick" voice, plus I was trying to be silly (I promise)!

Is it Ace Ventura Pet Detective?  No, it's just Kade after getting out of bed on Sat. morning.

I didn't get a pic of Kade scoring his first two points, but as you can tell he played great defense again this game.

Kade & Layton at The Jalapeno Tree

Nede, Layton & Kade

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