Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Seymour Panther Football Camp

Kade has attended both baseball and football mini camps already this summer. I didn't get any pictures of the baseball camp, but here are some I got the last day of football camp. He had a great time and learned a lot. He received a Great Attitude Award the first day and then all campers were given a Champion Panther Award the last day. Thanks to all the coaches in Seymour who take the time to work with our children in the summer.

Just finishing up a play. Kade is the one in the red cap.

Running back to the huddle.

Listening to Coach Smart

Kade and Coach Rocky Smart

Kade and Coach Wes Johnson

Kade and Curtis Priddy


  1. Cody will set the pump under the carport at the shop. It should still work but of course I didn't want to unhook all of mine to see if it does. Hopefully it will get you through the summer. Also you probably already know this but I didn't until I read it on a product review: the filters in the pumps don't need to be trashed after use. I hardly ever changed mine just b/c I didn't want to buy replacements but one man said he buys two and one is in the pump and then he changes them once a week and puts the dirty one in a bucket of water to clean it. I tried that but instead find the garden sprayer to work much better and then I have it ready when I alternate them. I have done this all summer and it has worked great for me and saved money.

  2. Gosh, too bad the pump didn't work. We don't need it back so unless you know of someone else you can chunk it. Your mom should submit her picture! I had a hummingbird feeder when we first were married and we came home from church to find the most enormous racer Cody and I had ever seen sucking out all of the nectar from the feeder. It was a feeder that sticks into the ground. Needless to say I have never refilled it again! Lyndon was asking me the other day if I would fill it. Has your mom had trouble with it attracting snakes?

  3. We are also doing house and yard work. It really needs to rain. I have had at least one hummingbird each year even without a feeder, but I might have to give it a try again. I bet it is neat to see it so up-close at your kitchen window. If you haven't checked out Life In The Fun Lane on my blogs I follow you should. She is in Canada and is very creative. I thought you might enjoy her ideas as I have.