Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine Weekend

Sorry it has been awhile since I last posted.  We have been so busy!

The boys began their Valentine weekend by spending the night with Nede.  She helped them to build a snowman and, as you can see, allowed them to do whatever they wanted.  Thanks Nede for helping to spoil them rotten!

Look at all that stuff on the bed!  She let's them do whatever--sounds just like a great-grandmother!

On Saturday we all went to Sailor's first birthday party.  It was so much fun!  Dora the Explorer was there, in person.  Layton had a blast and Kade was a really good sport about participating, too.  Sailor is an absolute doll, as you can tell.

Layton having a good time on our "adventure"!

Kade & Dora

Layton was good at the limbo game!

Layton enjoyed Dora until he had to get near her.  Just like our Santa Claus pics, Mom has to be right there beside us!

The little birthday girl.

After Sailor's party we headed to Wichita Falls to take the boys to see a movie for Valentine's.  We went to see "The Tooth Fairy."  The boys liked it very much.  Layton informed us he wanted one of those costumes.  Luckily, he meant a hockey costume, not a fairy costume.

Kade in front of "The Tooth Fairy" poster.

We just got out of the movies.  The sun was bright and Layton couldn't see.

After the movie we went to Kade's last basketball game.  We may have made the final four, but won't know for awhile.  Kade and the team did a great job.  Kade is on the back row on your far right.

On Sunday, Valentine's Day, we took it easy.  We attended church and then came home.  Pa-Paw, Babers & Skye came over and brought the boys their Valentine goodies, plus some late Christmas presents from my aunt and cousins who didn't make it on Christmas Eve, because of the snow.

Valentine Love.  Clint snapped this picture of the boys during Children's Time on Sunday morning.  Layton kept his arm around Kade the entire time.  

Layton brushing Pa-Paw's hair.  (I don't know why this pic isn't clear)

One of the gifts that my aunt sent was this Star Wars helmet.  Layton played and played with it and then informed us that it was a hair dryer to fix Pa-Paw's hair.  We thought that was so funny that he came up with that!

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