Saturday, April 25, 2009

Funny Boys!

Layton and Kade keep us rolling with laughter. Here are two of the latest things they have come up with.

Layton, as I've talked about in previous posts, is pretty much potty trained. He is, of course, wearing big boy undies and most have characters on them. Well, if you have little ones you know that the character is mainly on the back part of the underwear (this is the largest surface area). Well, he insists wearing them backwards (all the time) so that he has full view of Diego, SpongeBob, or whoever he happens to be sporting that day. We just laugh and let him!

This is the backside of Layton, he would not turn around for me. As you can see, though, the front part of his underwear are in the back.
Kade-I don't have a picture of Kade doing something funny, just a statement. I have recently been shopping around our insurance (car & home) and for some reason or another Kade has picked up on all of this and has asked me questions off and on for the past few weeks. For example, will his Ninentdo DS or his Wii be paid for if a tornado comes, etc. Well, today Kade noticed that some of the plastic sheeting that goes over our fluorescent lighting (dates my house!) was broken and lying on the table. (Clint broke it yesterday trying to put it up after replacing a bulb). I told Kade that Daddy accidentally broke it and we would replace it the next time we went to W.F. He was serious as ever when he then asked, "Well, is our insurance going to cover it?". I laughed so hard! I hope he is a tight wad like his mother some day and shops his insurance around, too.

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  1. Sunday check out this link. It made me think of you and your kitchen for some reason. I think her cabinets and your stenciling might be the same color or very close. I thought you might like.