Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Polar Express

On Black Friday I took Kade and Layton to Lubbock.  We met Mama Chris, Aunt Ronna and cousins Hallie and Hayden there.  We shopped, swam and rode The Polar Express.  The kids loved seeing each other and it was so nice to sit and visit with Chris & Ronna.

On The Polar Express the children were served hot cocoa, sugar cookies and were able to visit the North Pole, all in their Christmas pajamas.  Santa Claus and his elves rode the train with us and visited with all the children.  Santa could only visit long enough to hear what you wanted and ask if you had been a good child, plus he gave the kids a bell (if you believe, you can hear it).  The elves, however, were able to visit longer.  Kade visited at least 10 minutes with one of them.  He found out that elves age backwards, so she would eventually be a baby again.  Right now she is 212 years old!  Layton fell asleep right before we boarded the train.  He woke up soon after the music and singing started, but was kind of grouchy the entire time.

We had a wonderful time and are looking forward to Christmas and seeing our cousins again.

All the cousins swimming.

Kids with The Polar Express conductor.

On the train.

Hallie & Layton

Kade & Hallie with Santa Claus

Layton & Hayden with Santa Claus

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  1. How fun-I didn't know they did this in Lubbock. I have wanted to take Lyndon to the one in Grapevine, but just haven't ever completed that thought! I had better hurry before he is too old.
    Your post on my blog humored me because I would love to have your natural beauty! I would also love to have thick hair that stays in place! Oh well, to wish.... :)
    Thank you for the complements. I use a small curling iron to make my hair curly. The barrel is about 2" in circumference.