Thursday, December 3, 2009

UIL Storytelling

UIL (University Interscholastic League) events begin in 2nd grade. You have the option of trying out for storytelling or creative writing. Kade decided to try out for storytelling and has been working extra hard for the past 1 1/2 months (his teacher/coach, Mrs. Wright, has too). I think all the students tried out for creative writing, but Kade was not chosen as a student to pursue that (his crazy mother is already starting to work with him on that!).

The hard work paid off and he made the storytelling team. In storytelling you listen to a story read by one teacher and then you go into a room, one at a time, and re-tell the story to another teacher/judge. You have to remember as many details as you can, while telling the story with expression, etc. The contest was held on Thursday, December 3, and he competed against 14 other students from five schools total. Prelims were held first and he advanced to the finals. He was so excited--I saw him as soon as he found out! In the finals he placed FIRST and won the 2nd Grade Storytelling Contest! I didn't get to see him until an hour or so afterwards, so the excitement had worn off a little. He will receive a medal later in time at an academic pep rally. Clint and I are so proud of him and hope this gives him some type of the competitor bug. He is normally not competitive and doesn't try all that hard. Maybe now if he knows practice pays off he will want to try and go for the win. We'll see--he is so laid back (which I'm thankful for that, too).

Kade & Buddies at UIL
CH, CS & Kade McAdams


  1. Girl I was looking for more stories for my story tellers to practice with and your blog came up!! Way to go Kade!! Thought it was pretty funny!! Hope to see yall soon.

  2. I am absolutely buzzing from reading your post right now. My daughter just got picked for both story telling and creative writing and we have never been involved with UIL until now.

    She has NEVER had the competitive drive and I am hoping, like you said, this will show her that practice helps no matter how high she ranks. Whats more, this is the first time I have seen her get excited about something and walk out of school jumping up and down!

    Her first practice for both events is after Thanksgiving so our journey is just beginning. Thanks so much for your post! It has helped replace my nervousness with excitement.