Thursday, June 18, 2009

Car Floor Mats & Calf Slobber

The title has got to have you wondering!

On June 4 I cleaned both of the vehicles that the boys and I take on a daily basis. I have a Toyota Sequoia and I also drive a VW Beetle. I usually take the time, at least once a month, to really clean my car. However, April and May were so busy that it just didn't get done. They were nasty. I enlisted the boys' help on cleaning the floor mats. They had fun and of course there was a little fighting over who got to do what. I'm proud to say, though, that the mats look wonderful.

(The VW beetle belongs to my parents, but they insist that the boys and I drive it for fuel mileage--it is an older model and is actually famous--when a bad storm came through in 06' it was beat badly with hail in the school's parking lot, because my sister was driving it while she was in high school--it made the front page of the Wichita Falls Times Record News--all the windows were busted out and it just looked horrible--when I drive it in W.F. people will ask if that is the bug that was on the front of the paper a few years back--thanks, mom & dad for letting us drive it).

June 4 was also my dad's birthday. Kade had a baseball game that night, so we didn't do anything special. I also never know what to get my dad, so this year I gave him his favorite dessert, a coconut pie from the Rock Inn Cafe. This cafe is also famous. It has been on Texas Country Reporter, in Texas Monthly, and Texas Highways. Their pies are delicious. The meringue is so high, so I snapped a picture of it. We grew up calling it calf slobber, so I shared this with my boys. They thought that was too funny!


  1. I can't find it in the phonebook, but I am almost positive it is on Beverly. It sits south of Shade Tree Nursery. Seymour Hwy, left on Loop 11, right @ 1st stoplight, follow road about 2 miles, factory is on your left. I believe it is TXRec, but you will see signs for the outlet. I already threw my receipt away but I believe Lyndon's jacket was $22 and ours were $33. Good Luck!
    Did you make your tiered pots? I have been trying to describe to Cody that I need him to make me the pole to do that. I saw them at Smith's a couple of years ago for about $30 and I just know he can do it for pennies. I am going to show him the picture you have with them off of your porch! :)

  2. Oooohh, you are a great mom and your boys are very lucky to have you! I left out the part about the spankings he received from me and then Cody when he got home. He can be so hard-headed. Momma always made the comment about how much we changed once we were in school and around all of the other kids and I agree. Sadly it isn't for the better at this point, but we are working on it. Thanks for the pot info. I am going to put him to work; not this weekend since it's Father's Day, but next weekend for sure! :)