Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Sister's Son?

I think I have finally come to the conclusion that Layton may really be my sister's child. He could actually belong to either sister, Sommer or Skye. I say this because he loves clothes and shoes! Every morning we argue about what he is going to wear for the day. He claims what I pick out doesn't match and I most definitely know that what he picks out doesn't match, so we end up fighting. As you can see in the picture he wants me to hold him up in his closet so he can pick out a t-shirt. *Funny story-he wanted a soccer shirt to match his soccer shorts. I gave him the shirt that came with the shorts (Old Navy outfit). He said it didn't match and it didn't have a soccer ball on it. I argued and argued with him about a soccer ball being on the front. He finally, very seriously and in his two year old voice, said "There is not a soccer ball on it, there is a shoe on it." I'll be darned, there was a shoe on it when I turned it around and looked at it. I couldn't keep a straight face--neither could he or Kade after I started laughing.

Update: This post was suppose to take place the first week in June, but it didn't get posted.
We have since nipped this little problem in the bud--several time out sessions. I realized that he was too old to be throwing fits about clothing, etc. Actually, after time out and numerous spankings he has been a better child all together the past two weeks. I was very strict on Kade, but for some reason that second child gets away with sooooooo much more!


  1. Your post is hilarious, Sunday, because my mom, my sister and I have had similar conversations about Haskell. It would almost seem that Haskell should be my sister's child: she's a tomboy, only wants to wear pants or shorts, and needs a ton of sleep. She is nothing like me and I just make her wear cute clothes and hairbows right now because I can! She is just now starting to test me and tell me what she wants to wear...which explains the black church shoes she wore to the grocery store yesterday. (: Please do call us if you're in town this summer. k

  2. Ooooh, I will have to check out the stamps. I have wanted either a really nice return address stamp or an embosser, but will NOT spend what they always want for them.
    I agree about the pictures and I really regret that I am not in more-I need to just put my insecurities and vanity aside!
    Glad to know I’m not the only one fighting with a boy about what to wear! I thought you only did that with girls.?.?

  3. I love S. Hosp. too! Thank you for that link! I'm definitely going to check out the vinyl lettering. You put it on your shower door?

    Oh' we have the same issues with clothes. Morgan will ONLY wear dresses and it drives me nuts b/c there are so many cute other things. I usually hold up 2 outfits and let her choose but sometimes (for church) I just say this is what you're wearing! Ha! I understand your pain!