Monday, June 15, 2009

Red Neck Pool & Backyard Flowers

My mom graciously donated her above ground swimming pool to the boys last summer. I had plans of selling it this year, but they begged me to put it up again, so we did right before school was out. They have both enjoyed it and it is a pretty good babysitter while I'm doing yard work and can see and hear them.

For the past few years I just haven't been into flowers. They cost too much and then die by July, because I hate to take the time to properly water. I have started a perennial bed, though, which is very nice. The plants come back each year and don't require just a whole lot of water. I have all of the stuff to put in a drip system (it was left by the people who lived here before us--we are talking $100s of dollars worth of supplies), so that is one of my goals this summer. We are also working on a patio--they are actually pouring the concrete today and tomorrow. I absolutely can't wait!

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  1. All the flowers look great! We also have a red neck pool; they are such an eye sore but great for the kiddos! Hope you're enjoying your summer. I am dying to see pictures of your upstairs redo!!!