Sunday, January 22, 2012

4-H Nutrition Quiz Bowl

I forgot to blog about this in November, but wanted to take a minute to brag on Kade. 

We began going to 4-H meetings in October.  At that month's meeting Kade signed up for the nutrition quiz bowl, which at the time was only four weeks away.  He loves game show type things and thought a quiz bowl would be a blast.  Well, he was right!  We studied the packet of questions and he took to memorizing it better than I could have ever expected.

His team, Baylor A, ended up taking 3rd placed in the junior division, which consisted of 20+ teams.  Kade's team really bragged on him saying that there is no way they could have won some of the matches without him.  He really knew his nutrition!  This is funny, because Kade is the pickiest kid you will ever meet!  He absolutely hates anything healthy and only has a handful of likes in the food category!

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