Sunday, January 22, 2012

Santa Stopped By!

We had a wonderful Christmas here in the McAdams household.  

The boys got up super early on Christmas, like at 5 a.m.  Christmas Eve Clint and I were discussing how our kids must not be as excited about Santa as we were at their age.  We have always had to wake the boys up.  Well, we had to eat our words this year!

I promise my kids have really cute Christmas pajamas, but do you think they are going to wear them on the one morning of the year I take pictures?!

The boys got just what they asked for from Santa.  Kade received a video game he had been wanting for the Wii and Layton got a Nerf gun.

Clint also bought the boys a compound bow. 

For the boys' big gift, Clint and I sent them on a scavenger hunt.
Clue #1

Clue #2 was in the dryer!  Layton figured it out before Kade!

Clue #3 was in a basket of belt buckles.

Clue #4 was in Kade's tennis shoes.

You can barely make it out, but their big gift was a trampoline!  They were so excited, because they have been asking for one for years.

We had a wonderful Christmas 2011.  We were able to travel and see everyone also, which made it even more special. 

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