Sunday, January 22, 2012

What a Blessing...

Clint's great-great-grandmother passed away right before Christmas.  She lived 101 years and touched so many lives, especially Clint's.  He loved her so much and will miss her dearly, as we all will.

Here are a few pictures, so that you can see just what a sweet lady Nanny was. 

Nanny our out wedding in 1999

Nanny and Kade

Nanny, Kade and Layton

Nanny, Clint, Kade and Layton

This is one of our favorite pictures of Nanny.  She was playing with Kade and trying on his coonskin cap.

 A lot of Clint's family lives in the Houston area, which is a ways from where Nanny lived in the Texas panhandle.  So, we were able to have Grandma Dixie and Uncle Ted as visitors, b/c our house is about halfway.  It was fun to have them stay with us, but of course, I wish it were for different reasons.

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