Friday, June 25, 2010

Dennis & Chris

Right before school let out we were able to travel to Dumas to be with Clint's mom, Chris, during a very special time.  She married a great guy, Dennis, on Sunday, May 23.  We left Friday after school and were able to hang out with the entire crew all weekend.

Saturday night we had a large gathering out in the backyard, complete with swimming and Smores.  Here is Layton enjoying a Smore.

Layton and H drawing with their Great Aunt Margaret, Chris' sister.

Mama Chris, Layton and Kade

The Clint McAdams crew with Mama Chris

Dennis and Chris had their grandchildren stand with them as they exchanged vows.

Dennis & Chris Plunk!

We had a great weekend and were so glad that we could help celebrate such a wonderful event.  We look forward to creating many memories with Chris and Dennis, as well as Dennis' family.


  1. How special! I love the looks on the boys faces in the pictures-very cute!

  2. This is such a cool blog! I love it.