Thursday, June 17, 2010

Youth Baseball 2010

Kade played machine pitch baseball again this year. He did a great job! He started off playing third base and then moved to pitcher (kid that stands by machine and acts as the pitcher, catching the ball after each play is completed or when it comes to him). He got a hit every time he was up to bat, except for the very last ballgame and he struck out twice.

He played for the Marlins this year. We got some good laughs at the beginning of the season because he could not remember his team's name and would tell people he was on the Mardels! Baseball lasted for about five weeks and of course kept us busy, another reason I am so far behind on my posting.

Kade reaching out to catch a ball.

I'm not a baseball expert, but I really like this picture. Looks like Kade is playing ball!

My mom took these pictures and I love this one. Kade is tossing a ball to first base. You can see the ball in mid-air, right above the big dog's head.

Another good one by my mom. You can see the ball leaving the bat. Kade did such a great job batting this year!

Here is a short video of Kade

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  1. Way to go , Kade. I am sorry that I did not get to see you in action this year. See you soon. We are excited about going to New Braunfels with you guys.
    Mama Chris